Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative Writing 1 and 2 - Kamal Sawlani (15)

Creative Writing 1 - Kamal Sawlani (15)


Creative Writing 2 - Kamal Sawlani (15)

The restaurant laid before me, brightly lit as compared to the gloomy and mysterious pavement that I was on. “Should I go in?” I thought. As I was toying about with this idea, about a dozen humans trampled on me. They pushed me to the side of the pavement and left the restaurant in a blink of the eye as I fell into the deep, dark and disgusting drains of Paris. “Why can’t we animals not be considered as pests?” I said to myself, depressed that I had failed to enter the restaurant once again.

   At that instant, I saw a small crack in the building of the restaurant gleaming with light. I could imagine the taste and aroma of the tantalizing food. I entered the kitchen. However, to my horror, I saw fire spouting out of the bottom of one of the stoves where I was hiding. I quickened my pace, my determination not hindered.

   “It’s just my imagination. It was not fire; it's just a small sound of the chef igniting the stove and the heat of the oven,” I comforted myself. I ran across to the underneath of another stove. “Yikes! It's nothing… It’s nothing… Just my imagination,” I comforted myself once again. I ran, not knowing where, until a smell caught my nose. Mmm. Turkey with carrots and potatoes.I took refuge in the tray, hidden by the plump turkey.    I was about to eat a carrot when the chef was about to put the tray into the oven! I managed to exit the oven. My heart was palpitating wildly. “This was not the best idea,” I told myself as I exited through the very same hole I entered through.

   I would never enter a kitchen after that unpleasant experience. I was too spooked to do so. I was quivering in fright.

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