Friday, 22 April 2016

Kamal Sawlani (15) - Creative Writing Task 5

Kamal Sawlani (15) - Creative Writing Task 5
Score: 10/10


Dear Matt,

There's nothing to write about except for the fact that I am sitting at my desk, looking at how the calm breeze is making my hair wander in the wind slowly. It makes me feel annoyed and distracted as if someone is breathing down my neck.

Everything at home is boring, except the fact that the lights in my house suddenly and mysteriously fused at the same time. All the lights had to be replaced, so we had to survive with only a lamp for two hours while my dad took the car to the DIY store. My brother was constantly getting frightened by me. I enjoyed all of it until my mum caught me in the act.

I haven't been doing much lately except working on my Art, Design, Media & Technology (ADMT) project. We were tasked to create something that would make cities more liveable. My group and I have thought of an app that would allow users of public transport, either the bus or the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) to see how full a mode of transport is. I am quite proud of it even though it is still a work in progress.

What's going on in your life? Write soon. it's good to receive letters when life is so boring!

Your friend,

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