Saturday, 9 April 2016

Kamal Sawlani (15) Visual Text Analysis

All seat belts save lives. Using back seat belts can help reduce casualties in fatal accidents by up to 75%

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This poster campaign shows a young mother with 2 children driving, with the mother wearing a seatbelt while the children are not wearing one. A truck is heading towards them.


The two children that are not wearing the seatbelts are placed at the front, however, they are actually sitting at the back. This shows that they are more at risk for injury and even death than the driver (their mother), which is actually sitting in the front and wearing a seatbelt. They are driving on an empty countryside road. 


The centre of the advertisment is brighter than the rest of the poster so as to emphasize the value and importance of the younger generation in continuing mankind as well as the significance of an individual to the world.


The words used in this poster are simple and straightforward, but is effective is sending a meaningful and serious message to the reader. Having a great impact on the reader, this advertisement will go a long way towards preventing injuries and death caused during accidents on the road.

Typographical Features:

The size of the words are small so as to bring more attention towards the picture and to make the audience wonder what the advertisment is trying to say before realizing and taking a look at the text.



Purpose: To raise awareness about the risks of not wearing a seatbelt
Audience: Passengers and drivers of most modes of transport (car, bus, van, ect.)

Context: It makes people think about the risks of not waring seatbelts and reflect on their actions in the past.
People are constantly not wearing seatbelts because they think wearing them is not important. However, wearing seatbelts can actually reduce casualties in fatal accidents by 75%, an extremely significant number.

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