Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Kamal Sawlani Language Arts Poem Recitation Practice


  1. Pronunciation and articulation: Band 4) Clear pronunciation and articulation, except for the word "a".
    Rhythm, pace and fluency: Band 4) Reading was fluent, and there was a pace. The rhythm was also very suitable in every scenario. All added to a wonderful poem with strong dramatic effect and good stress.
    Pitch and tone: Band 4) Pitch and tone were used effectively to convey emotions appropriately. Good job!
    Pause: Band 2) Could not find any pauses that added to the dramatic effect, though there were rare pauses.
    Power: Band 4) Nice!

  2. Pronunciation and Articulation: Band 3 - Generally clear pronunciation and articulation with occasional errors
    - Some errors: e.g. "she" was pronounced as "he"; "my ring" was pronounced as "the ring";
    - Lack of clarity due to giggling - e.g. during last "What was that, William?"

    Rhythm, Pace and Fluency: Band 4 - Reads with appropriate pace and fluency using appropriate rhythm and stress to good effect
    - Some hesitation: e.g. "the-wife"

    Pitch and Tone: Band 4 - Pitch and Tone were used often to convey emotions appropriately
    - Some words that should be emphasised weren't: e.g. "It was TORN from her grasp and TOSSED in the air"

    Pause: Band 3 - Some pauses were used effectively to improve meaning and/or dramatic impact
    - Some inappropriate pauses were added - e.g. "He ran home-to his wife";

    Power: Band 4 - Vocal power was sustained through to the of all phrases and modulated effectively

    Total: 18/20