Monday, 30 May 2016

Lucas Tan Learning Log 1

June Holidays Week 1
3.30pm - 4.00pm


What I Did:
I am very used to playing with my Rubik's cube, so I decided to read up about its history and where it came from.

What I Learnt:

Phrases I did not know:

Iron Curtain - a notional barrier separating the former Soviet bloc and the west prior to the decline of the communism that followed the political events in eastern Europe in 1989. 


The Rubik's cube was invented by Erno Rubik, a Hungarian Architect. It was not meant to be a toy, but rather a working model to explain three-dimensional geometry. It was originally called the "Magic Cube", and it weighs twice more than it weighs today. There are 43 quintillion possible configurations of the Rubik's cube. It won the toy of the year in the UK in 1980 and 1981, even though majority of the children could not solve it and they usually resorted to peeling off the stickers and sticking them back on.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rishi situational writing

1 Technology Drive
Singapore 234234

19th April 2016

Dear Max,

Hello, how are you feeling today?I hope you are fine.Do you remember the December trip that we were planning?Well, I have found the perfect city to visit!It is Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.It is renowned for its tree-lined boulevards and opulent and magnificent French architecture.Hanoi is diverse in the sense that it is a blend of the old and the new combined in perfect harmony.Since we will be going there in December, the temperature ranges from anywhere within 15^c to 20^c.

I have planned a series of packages we can go on our trip.Firstly, we will be going to the bay of Halong, which is a three-hour coach ride from Hanoi.It is popular for having a rare and exquisite kind of idyllic beauty that is rarely found in our urban lives.Best of all, we can have a seafood feast and enjoy a luxurious night at Halong Bay hotel and return to Hanoi.It will be fun to go here as it is very popular with tourists.After we return to Hanoi, we can embark on our second adventure, the Hanoi package.We can eat an exotic and delicious bowl of Vietnamese pheh or noodle soup for breakfast.We will experience the rich street life and take in the cultural treasure of both old and new Vietnam.We can also observe the great hectic traffic in Hanoi and have lunch at a local restaurant.Afterwards, we will head to Vietnam's first university at the temple of literature.This will be a jaw-dropping view of a mix of old and new.

We will be staying in Hanoi for two days and one night.Afterwards, we will be departing Hanoi at 8 pm after two hours of souvenir shopping.Some of the costs incurred each is $100 for the Halong Bay package, $30 for the Hanoi package and $300 for the return flight tickets to Singapore.Since the weather is pretty cold, we might need to bring along sweaters.We will not need any hotel arrangements as our night in Vietnam is taken care of by the Hanoi Bay package.

Well, that's it.Hope you can get back to me soon!


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Situational Writing Draft 2

Block 203 Boon Lay Drive
Singapore 640203

6 April 2016

Dear John,

It has been so long since I have written to you. How have you been? I have heard that you, along with your parents, are interested in making a trip to Singapore to learn about both the cultural and modern aspects of Singapore. I am happy to help you organise your itinerary.

Chinatown should be your first cultural stop in Singapore if you love to bargain for lower prices at the live street market for traditional items. You can marvel the beautifully restored shophouses, colonial buildings and modern buildings. You'll want to experience a trishaw ride when you see it. It's so amazing.

Our next stop should be food! There are many choices for food. You will be spoilt for choice at our food courts. As Singapore is a multi-racial country, you can expect to see different dishes of various origins, all congregating together in an air-conditioned hall. You can just visualise it in your head, delicious food with delicious smells hovering above you, "polluting" the air all around you. Anyway, as you and your parents have come to Singapore to learn cultural aspects, there are some traditional and cultural dishes I will recommend you. They are the Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and Rojak. You're sure to love them once you taste them.

You will have some time to rest before the next activity. The next activity would be dining at night in the world's biggest observation wheel, right on our home ground--the Singapore Flyer! You'll be able to savour your dinner while taking in panoramic views of Singapore's iconic landmarks--Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Empress Palace! It would be the best modern attraction to end the night.

The next day, you will spend most of your time at our biggest modern must-go attraction. Universal Studios Singapore! There your favourite characters come to life to bring you on your own animated journey. You will sure have a lot of fun there with the roller coasters!

The last cultural stop you should go would be Little India. It is one of the most colourful districts in Singapore! There are gaily painted shophouses selling traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares. If you have not bought any souvenirs, do not worry! You can pick up last minute souvenirs at the 24-hour shopping centre, Mustafa Centre. No matter how late, you would still be able to get souvenirs!

I hope this itinerary sounds good to you, John. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Singapore!

Hong Wei

Situational Writing Draft 2~Khrisha

Woodlands Ring Road Blk 653
Singapore 7 730653

2 May 2016

Dear Kathy,

I am excited to see you when you, uncle and aunty come to Singapore in a few days time. This news is a delightful news for me that you are coming to Singapore from New York for the first time. Let's together have a fun and enjoyable time here in Singapore when you come here.

I have thought of a few places which you will be interested in visiting. Let me tell you more about these locations. The first place in my mind is Chinatown. Chinatown has beautifully restored shophouses, colonial buildings and modern buildings. Chinatown also has religious landmarks of different faiths and there are traditional medicine halls, teahouses and quirky cafe. Adding on to all these you will be able to take a rest from walking and take a relaxing and calm trishaw ride around Chinatown. The last but not the least there is a lively street market where you will be able to bargain and buy souvenirs, fashion apparel and leather goods. I am sure these place interests you as it has both the cultural and modern aspects of Singapore.

The next place which I have thought of is Little India. You can take the peaceful and calm stroll along the most colourful districts in Singapore and walk into the gaily painted shophouses selling traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other waves. Not only can you walk into the shophouses, but you can also definitely buy them. Little India has the another popular shopping site known around Singapore. It is Mustafa Center! You definitely will be able to purchase souvenirs at any time of the day. Moreover to satisfy your keen on tasting a few local dishes, you will be able to taste fish head curry which is uniquely prepared Singaporean dish.Hence, I am sure that this will be the second location on your list to visit as this satisfy your interests.

The next location is the Singapore Flyer. This is one of Singapore landmarks. This is a huge observation wheel where you will be able to view the beautiful panoramic view of Singapore and its iconic landmarks like Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Empress Place. Adding on to the panoramic view of Singapore you can dine in style in the Singapore Flyer. It also has a Real Flight Simulator where you can take the role of a pilot. These place covers your interest in the modern aspects of Singapore and at the same time allow you to enjoy the view of Singapore.

The following location is the Marina Bay Sands. This is located beside the Singapore Flyer. The structure of this building look like a boat is on top of three buildings. This is also one of Singapore's landmarks.This allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of Singapore. You might be thinking that Singapore Flyer and this sounds alike but not really Singapore flyer only allows you to enjoy the view for a limited time but this allows you to enjoy for an unlimited time for just $20. I am sure this interests you as well with the modern aspect of Singapore and the cheap cost.

I forgot to mention something. This is defiantly going to make your stomach grumble. You can enjoy a wide range of Singapore's local dishes under one roof at Food Glorious Food! You will be able to dine on laksa, mee siam, rojak, Hainanese Chicken rice, chilli crab, oyster omelette, satay,nasi lemak. This is only a few there are many more dishes available there.

I hope that all these places sound interesting to you covering your interests and being located close to the hotel you would be staying in Orchard Road. I am really in unbearable excitement to see you. See you soon when you,uncle and aunty when you come to Singapore. Take care of your health.

With love,

Informal Persuasive Letter Gabriel Yap

6 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 234234

6 April 2016

Dear Tom
I am delighted that your family is staying in Singapore. I wish I could spend more time with your family. Nonetheless, let’s have a great time together while your family is in Singapore.
As most of the attractions only open at ten in the morning, your family can enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel before starting our trip. Our first destination will be Chinatown, Singapore’s bustling but historical town. At Chinatown, you can visit old buildings, dating as way back as the British colonial time, as well as other modern buildings. There are also various religious place of worship, not just Chinese, but also that of other religions. Also, many businesses fill the area, ranging from old shophouse selling Chinese medicine to modern cafes. Finally, there is a street market where everything from souvenirs to clothing to leather ware can be bargained for. All these historical buildings can also be enjoyed from a comfortable trishaw. The second cultural location is Little India, where there are similar shophouses as Chinatown, but selling a completely different array of goods, such as gold ware and space. Fish head curry, a Singaporean dish, is also Little India’s speciality. Your family can pick up more souvenirs a Mustafa Centre, a shopping centre there.
There are two modern attractions that I want to bring you to. Firstly, the Singapore Flyer. Enjoy breath-taking views from the comfort of an air-conditioned cabin. From the flyer, you can see various Singapore landmarks, such as Marina Bay, the Merlion and Empress Place. You can also dine in the flyer, but I don't recommend it as all the mouth-watering Singaporean dishes can mostly be found in the hawker centres. The second place is Orchard Road, where your hotel is situated. Even though the shopping district is right on your doorstep, you won’t have much time to go shopping there on your own what with all the activities I have already placed put for your family. So, I will bring you around the bustling Orchard Road, where there are several shopping centres, each a stone’s throw away from the next. Go on a shopping spree at the shopping malls for everything from clothing to bags to shoes to other accessories. After shopping for a few hours, your family can rest their weary feet the hotel room and turn in for the night.
There are a few local dished the must be tried. First is the Curry Fish Head, which can be found in Little India. Other delicacies include laksa, curry with noodles and Chilli Crab, crab with piping-hot chilli sauce drizzled over it. All these food can be found at any hawker centres or coffee shops, which I will bring your family to.
I hope that your family is agreeable to the itinerary. I really look forward to your family coming to Singapore!
Your cousin,