Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rishi situational writing

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Singapore 234234

19th April 2016

Dear Max,

Hello, how are you feeling today?I hope you are fine.Do you remember the December trip that we were planning?Well, I have found the perfect city to visit!It is Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.It is renowned for its tree-lined boulevards and opulent and magnificent French architecture.Hanoi is diverse in the sense that it is a blend of the old and the new combined in perfect harmony.Since we will be going there in December, the temperature ranges from anywhere within 15^c to 20^c.

I have planned a series of packages we can go on our trip.Firstly, we will be going to the bay of Halong, which is a three-hour coach ride from Hanoi.It is popular for having a rare and exquisite kind of idyllic beauty that is rarely found in our urban lives.Best of all, we can have a seafood feast and enjoy a luxurious night at Halong Bay hotel and return to Hanoi.It will be fun to go here as it is very popular with tourists.After we return to Hanoi, we can embark on our second adventure, the Hanoi package.We can eat an exotic and delicious bowl of Vietnamese pheh or noodle soup for breakfast.We will experience the rich street life and take in the cultural treasure of both old and new Vietnam.We can also observe the great hectic traffic in Hanoi and have lunch at a local restaurant.Afterwards, we will head to Vietnam's first university at the temple of literature.This will be a jaw-dropping view of a mix of old and new.

We will be staying in Hanoi for two days and one night.Afterwards, we will be departing Hanoi at 8 pm after two hours of souvenir shopping.Some of the costs incurred each is $100 for the Halong Bay package, $30 for the Hanoi package and $300 for the return flight tickets to Singapore.Since the weather is pretty cold, we might need to bring along sweaters.We will not need any hotel arrangements as our night in Vietnam is taken care of by the Hanoi Bay package.

Well, that's it.Hope you can get back to me soon!


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