Saturday, 30 April 2016

Goh Cheng Yang informal persuasive letter draft 2

6 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 126126

7 April 2016

Dear Cousin

I am really delighted to hear that you and your parents are interested in visiting Singapore! I really hope that you will come to Singapore. Anyway, let me introduce to you some attractions of Singapore that are worth visiting!

I know that your family is interested to learn about the cultural aspect of Singapore, so I plan to bring you to Chinatown. There, you can enjoy some local dishes, like Laksa, Chilli Crab and Nasi Lemak. I can also take you on a walk around Chinatown, so you can bond with your parents, and learn about the culture and history of Singapore. You will like that, won't you?

After that, I can bring you to Little India, another culture-filled attraction of Singapore, which is not far from Chinatown. I will bring all of you around Little India, where you can shop around and explore. You can find unique jewellery and experience walking past stores filled with the aroma of spices! It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Feel free to buy some uniquely Singaporean spices home!

Then, in the evening, we can go to the Singapore Flyer, to take in the beautiful panoramic view of the bustling city. The beautiful lighting of the city at night will definitely be a feast for your eyes! I can guarantee that you will awe in disbelief! After the relaxing view, we can proceed to Gardens by the Bay, where the nature awaits. Gardens by the Bay is the perfect mix between nature and the modern world. I'm sure you will love and remember your visit there! There, we can end the day at Satay by the Bay, where we can savour the unique local dish, Satay. In case Satay is not enough for dinner, we can order a vast variety of other delicious dishes! These two modern attractions will definitely be most suitable for you!

Well, I hope that now you really, really want to come to Singapore. After all, you can learn about the culture and modern aspects of Singapore! So please just click the "book hotel" button on your computer screen and rush down to Singapore! I'm really looking forward to seeing you!

Bye for now,
Cheng Yang

My Situational writing

6 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 126573

7 April 2016

Dear cousin John

How’s life? I hope you are fine there in New York. Ever since the last time in 2014 you went with us on a trip to Japan, I haven’t met up with you. I heard from my mother that you, aunt Mary and uncle Tim is planning to come to Singapore. Thus, I am very excited to share with you some information about Singapore and hope that you would find it useful and would like to come on a trip to Singapore and visit me too.
Firstly, there are two must visit cultural places in Singapore. They are Chinatown and Little India. These cultural places of interest would attract lots of tourists every year. There are beautifully restored shophouses, colonial buildings and modern buildings in Chinatown. Other than that, there are religious landmarks of different faiths over that. Plus, get to experience the old-fashion way of life by taking a trishaw ride around the vicinity. Pop into traditional medicine halls, teahouses and quirky cafes. You could also bargain at a lively street market where you can buy souvenirs, fashion apparel and leather goods. After that, you could go to Little India to walk around one of the most colourful districts in Singapore. You could also enter gaily painted shophouses selling traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares. You could also pick up last-minute souvenirs at the 24-hour shopping centre, Mustafa Centre. Be sure to not miss some of Little India’s speciality - fish head curry, a uniquely Singaporean dish.
There are also modern attractions that might be able to interest you. For example, the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay. The Singapore Flyer is the world’s biggest observation wheel. You could take in the panoramic views of Singapore’s iconic landmarks- Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Empress Place. You could also dine in with us while enjoying the great views of the city. Plus, take on a role of a pilot using the Real Flight Simulator. Located next to Marina Reservoir, Gardens by the Bay offers breath-taking waterfront views. This multi-award winning horticultural destination spans 101 hectares of reclaimed land, and is made up of two main areas – Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden. At Gardens by the Bay, there are the “Super-sized trees”, “Flower Dome”,”Cloud Forest”,”Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes” and much more. The Super-sized trees are not real trees, they are just man-made structures. But they resemble trees and are very, very tall. They are between 9 to 16 storeys high. The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest are the two domes that I look forward to visiting with you. I simply love the faint smell of the different flowers in both domes and the sight of the manmade waterfall in the cloud forest would always take my worries away.
Well, I know that you love to eat. Thus, Singapore would be a perfect destination for you. You could try the wide range of mouth-watering food at Kopitiam, a unique Singapore place. For example, you could try the spicy laksa or even the well-known satay. Other delicious food such as the Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam and rojak would also certainly attract your attention to eat them.
Well, I wish I could write more but I have to go and thus I feel that this letter would make up your mind to come to Singapore and experience the lovely places and as well to visit me.
Your Cousin
Hng Kang

Situational Writing Draft 2_17_Faqih Akmal

6 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 234234

7 April 2016

Dear cousin

I am on cloud nine that you will be visiting Singapore next week. It has been a year since I have seen your beautiful face. I really hope that you could stay with me forever because you’re the best person I know since I was born. Nonetheless, I cross my fingers that my plan will be a fun and an enjoyable one for you and our parents!

The first cultural place that we are going to visit is the Chinatown. There are many religious landmarks because Singaporean believes that harmonious country is a key to peace. And guess what? We can take a trishaw ride around the vicinity. I know that you’ve never take a trishaw before but I promise you that the ride will be fun! You can bargain as you buy souvenirs, fashion apparel and leather goods for your friends or neighbours back in New York.

Very close to Chinatown is Little India. It is one of the most colourful places in Singapore. With gaily painted shophouses selling traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares, it is almost impossible not to find any traditional items you dreamt of having. There’s a shop that sells a uniquely Singaporean dish, fish head curry. You might want to consider to sample the dish!

There’s a modern tourist attraction in Singapore, the Merlion Park. A lot of people love to take group photos or selfies at the park. I don't know why but it was said that the water that is sprayed to the sea makes it an iconic place. You might want to take tons of pictures there and show-off to your friends. By the time we finish visiting the merlion, it would have been night and we could dine in style in the Singapore Flyer! At night, the views of the Singapore buildings around it is very majestic. There is colourful light of the city which makes your eye in disbelief. How cool is that! And by the way, the menu is a wide range of local fare: laksa, chilli crab, nasi lemak and many others.

That's all. I hope the itinerary sounds awesome to you. I'm really looking forward to seeing you next week!


Situational writing draft 2 (Rae)

6 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 234234

6 April 2016

Dear Paul

I'm so glad to know that you and your parents are coming to visit Singapore in two weeks time! Singapore is such a beautiful and green city, I'm sure you are going to love it. Since you are unfamiliar with Singapore, I thought I could recommend some places of interest to you.  

I heard that you and Uncle Benson and Auntie Sophia are planning to stay at a hotel located at Orchard, a very vibrant part of Singapore, and Auntie Sophia can do a bit of shopping if she's interested. But of course, you can always travel elsewhere considering how convenient Singapore's public transport is. One cultural place of interest I would recommend is Little India where there are the most colourful districts and there are also gaily painted shophouses which sell traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares. Apart from that, there is also a 24-hour shopping mall, Mustafa Centre, where you can shop anytime you like. Also , you would not want to miss one of Littles India's specialities - Fish head curry.  Another cultural place is Chinatown, and visit religious landmarks of different faiths. Take a ride back in time by taking trishaw rides offered there, and pop into traditional medicine halls and teahouses. Don't forget to visit the lively street market where you can purchase souvenirs, fashion apparel, leather goods and many more for yourself and your loved ones. A tip for you, you can bargain to lower the prices of the goods you would like to purchase.

Chinatown, other than being a cultural place, also has many modern aspects. Apart from what I have mentioned earlier, there are also beautifully restored shophouses, colonial and modern buildings, as well as quirky cafes where you can grab a snack or two to munch on. Next, I plan to bring you to the Singapore Flyer which is the world's biggest observation wheel and you will be able to have a bird's eye view of Singapore's iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Empress Place. Furthermore, what will be more luxurious to be able to dine with your loved once in such a nice and cosy place with panoramic views? Lastly, take on the role of a pilot using the Real Flight Simulator. I would say it's novel and interesting, what are your views?

I believe after a long day of fun, everyone would be tired and hungry. As you know, Singapore is known as a food paradise so you have to try the food. It has such a wide array of food such as Chili Crab, Satay, Laksa, the national dish Hainanese Chicken Rice. My personal favourite is Laksa (noodles in a spicy soup) which I think might be something you are interested in too since you love spicy food, like me. Auntie Sophia and Uncle Benson might like Hainanese Chicken Rice since they like having rice in their meals. 

I hope you will consider my recommendations and will give you a slightly deeper understanding of Singapore. If you have any other queries , feel free to ask me. Looking forward to your arrival!

Your loving cousin, 

Draft 2 Situational Writing

6 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 234234

3 April 2016

Dear John

I am delighted that you, Aunt Maggie and Uncle Desmond are making a trip to Singapore in a week's time.Please convey my greetings to Aunt Maggie and Uncle Desmond as well.I am happy that you are staying for two days in Singapore, but I wish you could stay more days. Nevertheless, let's enjoy ourselves as much as we can for that two days you are here!

As of the first day, you can have a good breakfast at your hotel.I will meet you at your hotel at 10 a.m after you had your breakfast. Then, we could take a bus to Chinatown where you could see the traditional Chinese culture.You can buy some souvenirs at the street market as well and also take a trishaw ride around the vicinity.For lunch, you can try the Chinese traditional cuisines also.

In the evening, we can go to Singapore Flyer. We can dine in while taking panoramic views of Singapore's iconic bookmarks- Marina Bay, Merlion Park, and Empress Place.Then, you can go back to your hotel to have a good rest.

For the next day, you can have your breakfast at you hotel as well.I will meet you at the hotel at 10 am after you had your breakfast. Then, we could take a bus to Little India. There you could learn the traditions and cultures of the Indians.Also, pick up some last-minute souvenirs at the 24-hour shopping centre- Mustafa Centre. We can try out the Indian cuisines for lunch especially Little India’s special-fish head curry.

We can be in Little India until evening.For dinner, we can go to the local fare”Food Glorious Food!” You can try all the local delights of Singapore like Laksa; Mee Siam; Rojak; Hainanese Chicken Rice; Chilli Crab; Oyster Omelette; Satay; Nasi Lemak and much more.

In the night, yo can head back to your hotel room than the airport. Well, I hope the itenery sounds good to you John. I‘m looking forward to seeing you, Aunt Maggie and Uncle Desmond.

Your loving cousin,
Ming Li

Situational Writing Draft 2 (Raena Low)

7 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 234234

6 April 2016

Dear Celine

How are you? I am delighted to hear that you, Aunt Daphne and Uncle Harry are interested in coming to Singapore. You should come as you will have the most enjoyable and memorable trip you have ever been on. I have looked through the web page and planned some activities you will enjoy. 

We could go to Little India and Chinatown to experience the cultural aspects of Singapore. Little India, one of the most colourful districts in Singapore, has shophouses selling various things, such as traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares. You can also go to Mustafa, the 24-hour shopping centre to get last-minute souvenirs. The fish head curry there is a must-try, as it is the best in Singapore! We can then proceed to Chinatown, which houses religious landmarks of many different religions. There are traditional medicine halls, beautifully restored shophouses, teahouses and not forgetting the lively street market where you can bargain for all kinds of goods. My favourite thing to do in Chinatown is to take a trishaw and admire the mix of traditional and modern.

As I mentioned, Chinatown holds both cultural and modern aspects of Singapore. Despite being one of Singapore's attractions with rich history, it has many colonial and modern buildings. Next, we could go to the Singapore Flyer, the largest observation wheel in the world. You will have the chance to take in the panoramic view of Singapore's landmarks and the city. You can also dine while enjoying the view. While we're there, we could experience being a pilot with the Real Flight Simulator.

While you're in Singapore, you must try the food. After all, Singapore is well-known for our delicious food. We could go to "Food Glorious Food!", where you can sample a wide range of local food, such as laksa (noodles in spicy food) and chilli crab. I'm sure that you would enjoy yourself there.

Well, I hope that my recommendations interest you further. I hope to see you in Singapore soon!

Your loving cousin,

Situational Writing 1_ Chloe

6 Toh Yi Drive
Singapore 234 234
6 April 2016

Dear Darrell, Aunty and Uncle

I am so glad that all of you are interested in visiting Singapore!  You should definitely come! You will have a pleasant and enjoyable experience here! I have seen the web page that intrigued you to come to Singapore. Based on that web page, I have planned a fun and interesting itenary for all of you to enjoy!

Since I know that you are keen to sample some local food, why don't you meet me at your hotel at 8.00 a.m? I will bring you to nearby places to sample a few local delights, such as rojak and satay for a hearty breakfast! Then we could go and tour around Little India. Little India is one of the most colourful districts and traditional places in Singapore. We can walk around the shophouses and see the many traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares. You will be able to feel the traditional atmosphere in Little India.

We will then proceed to Chinatown where you will see colonial buildings and modern buildings built side by side. Chinatown is also the place where you can see religious landmarks of different faiths in the same vicinity. This is part of Singapore's unique multi- racial and multi- cultural background. Chinatown has many traditional medicine halls, teahouses and quirky cafes. There is a rich mix of both traditional and modern sides of Singapore in Chinatown. you will definitely be amazed by that. We can then proceed to have lunch. You can try many other delicious foods such as Hainanese chicken rice, chilli crab and oyster omelette. I am very sure you will enjoy this traditional cuisine experience. Food is Singapore's speciality.

I will then take you to the Singapore Flyer. This will be a breathtaking sight. The Singapore Flyer is the world's biggest observation wheel. When you are on the Singapore Flyer, you will be able to take in the scenic view of Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Empress Palace. This ride will show you the modern beauty of Singapore. You will surely be amazed and impressed by how much Singapore has changed as a young nation. From the traditional buildings in Little India and Chinatown to the modern structures in Chinatown and the glamorous city of Marina Bay, you will be able to see the drastic change clearly. After that, we will proceed back to the hotel and rest.

Well, that is the itenary that I have planned for you. I hope that it sounds good to all of you. I am really looking forward to seeing all of you in Singapore soon! Write back soon!

With love

Friday, 29 April 2016

Draft 2, Situational Writing [Alya]

7 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 123456

7 April 2016

Hey Lily

How are you? I am so excited that you are coming to Singapore in five months! I can't wait to show you around Singapore. I hope you are as excited as I am and I hope you will enjoy your stay here!

After your breakfast at the hotel, I encourage you to go to Chinatown and ride around the place in a trishaw to experience the cultural and modern aspects of Singapore. Yes, Chinatown has it all. You could visit beautifully restored shophouses, religious landmarks of different faiths, not forgetting your favourite, bargaining at the lively street market where you can purchase souvenirs, fashion apparel and leather goods. In order to experience a full cultural experience, we can proceed to Little India and wonder around the beautiful districts, walk into gaily painted shophouses selling traditional apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares. Also, you can pick up last-minute souvenirs at the 24-hour shopping centre, Mustafa Centre. Do not forget to try the infamous fish head curry!

Chinatown, as mentioned earlier, is both cultural and modern. So, I thought of bringing you to a place where it's modern. You would be able to dine there while enjoying a great view! I am planning to bring you to the Singapore Flyer where you can view Singapore's iconic landmarks. Not forgetting that they serve local dishes like laksa and rojak which I bet you cannot wait to try. Other than admiring the view and the great dishes you are going to taste, you can take on the role of a pilot using the Real Flight Simulator. It sounds interesting, doesn't it?

I hope you will find the activities planned a blast. I can't wait to see you!

With love,

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Yeo Jia Hao Calvin (24) Creative Writing Task 5 (Grammarlied)

Dear Sivakumar

There's nothing to write about. The only thing interesting now is the speck of eraser dust on Roshan's hair. I wonder how it got there. Does Roshan use an eraser to scratch his head? I don't think so. I really want to blow it off. Nah, maybe not. Jason would look at me weird.

Everything at home is boring except the ant trail at the side of the bed. They seem to be carrying bits of... dead cockroach? It must be the cockroach I accidently stepped on. It felt soft and squishy. I bent down to examine the ant trail more closely. It smelled horribly pungent, worse than my sweaty sock.

I haven't been doing much except for our science project. We're still figuring out the measurements but we've got the main idea of a Rube Goldberg machine. I'm sure we'll finish this project after an infinite number of trips to the junk yard. After that, the sound of rusty scrap metal hitting against each other will be forever etched into my brain.

I bet you're getting bored.


Yeo Jia Hao Calvin (24) Creative Writing Task 4 (Grammarlied)

  After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see the damage the thunderstorm has done. My eyes were ready to feast on some broken wood and torn pieces of metal. My nose awaiting that distinct smell of grass after rainfall. I could visualise trees hugging the concrete road and ungirthed a fire hydrant cooling down from an electrifying experience with the merciless lightning. Drains overflowing, the streets flooded, oh I couldn't wait to see the movie-esque scene!
  Cars, lawns, roofs, they were all fine! Impossible! The Mercedes cars my rich neighbours had were still shiny as ever. Lawns were as perfect as fake grass. No hailstones were on the roofs.
  I stepped out my house to explore the neighbourhood. It was the usual: babies crying relentlessly, children preparing for school.
  Afraid of being mistaken as a mischievous wonderer strolling down a street in the early morning, I crept back to my house, looking forward to my sumptuous breakfast.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Kamal Sawlani (15) - Creative Writing Task 5

Kamal Sawlani (15) - Creative Writing Task 5
Score: 10/10


Dear Matt,

There's nothing to write about except for the fact that I am sitting at my desk, looking at how the calm breeze is making my hair wander in the wind slowly. It makes me feel annoyed and distracted as if someone is breathing down my neck.

Everything at home is boring, except the fact that the lights in my house suddenly and mysteriously fused at the same time. All the lights had to be replaced, so we had to survive with only a lamp for two hours while my dad took the car to the DIY store. My brother was constantly getting frightened by me. I enjoyed all of it until my mum caught me in the act.

I haven't been doing much lately except working on my Art, Design, Media & Technology (ADMT) project. We were tasked to create something that would make cities more liveable. My group and I have thought of an app that would allow users of public transport, either the bus or the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) to see how full a mode of transport is. I am quite proud of it even though it is still a work in progress.

What's going on in your life? Write soon. it's good to receive letters when life is so boring!

Your friend,

Creative Writing Task 5

Creative Writing Task 5

Dear Hanisha,

There's nothing to write about.I am just sitting down in my English Class, writing this letter.Also, I have run 1.2km this morning with this aching back pain. I could hear voices of my teacher, Ms. Oh, and some boys chit-chatting away."Grrrrrr..!" could you hear that? The grumbling of my stomach. My mind is on food mode. My tongue is awaiting the taste of Chapati(Indian food).'Wow! Delicious!'

There are eight seconds to lunch break! " 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1!"
Oh no! Ms. Oh hasn't released me yet! So sad!
My mind is wandering. I could not pay attention in class anymore.
All I could think is "food, food, food..."
Oh yes!
I am finally released!

Everything is boring at home except my room. There are so many treasures in my room that I feel I'm in a wonderland. But I could never study in my room because I am distracted by the treasures. I wish you were here to discipline me and make me study.

I haven't been doing much except my homework, my projects, my assignments and my revision. I have gone for a dance competition which sucked my blood. I went for the Track and Field events which were fun. But I have always been feeling that I am wasting the time in my life. These social media networks are ruining my life. I am leading a worthless life. Sad!

With that, I'm signing off.
I hope to hear from you soon,
It's good to receive letters when life's so boring.

Your beloved friend,

Kamal Sawlani (15) - Creative Writing Task 4

Kamal Sawlani (15) - Creative Writing Task 4
Score: 10/10

  After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see how my neighbourhood would appear. I thought of many fallen trees, the streets flooding with water, some cars as if they had just got a good cleaning as the rumbling thunderstorm had woken me up from my peaceful sleep.

The street, however, to my surprise, was not at all disturbed by the storm or the clashing wind! No cars or trees I could see in the distance were overturned. I walked towards one of the houses and heard a child crying amongst the row of flats in my building, as well as alarm clocks ringing. The newspaper delivery man was riding his bike up and down the street, unperturbed by the storm earlier. The sounds of traffic lights clicking were getting on my nerves. Life had seemed to move on as usual! Had I been dreaming about the storm's intensity?

  As I slowly enjoyed the fresh and calm morning air, I heard my parents waking up. Not wanting to get caught, I quickly hustled back into bed. I stayed up just to listen to the sounds of the early morning; The birds started chirping, their music seemed like a melody. I caught a whiff of homemade toast, crispy bacon and creamy scrambled eggs my mum had made just as the usual traffic started piling up on the streets.

  "What a day this is going to be!" I said as my mum called me for breakfast in the kitchen.

Creative Task 5 [Alya]

Dear Mac,
There's nothing to write about except the many eraser dust on the table left there by me during art class. Interesting, aren't they? They come in many shapes and sizes, just like the people on this planet, like minions evading my table. They make me feel like a giant due to their tiny size. Makes me feel like I have control over them.

Everything at home is boring except for two little creatures which visited my house last week, their scaly little hands mesmerised me but what happened shocked and disgusted me. Remember the funny thai advertisement we watched? That was exactly what happened to the lizard's. My heart sank but felt disgusted as I had to clean it up.

I haven't been doing much except train for the upcoming and what I feel unnecessary napfa. I think I stressed my stomach muscle too much, it's aching now. I should have exercised when I could and listen to our primary school physical education teacher.

I hope you are having a better life than me. Write to you soon!

Your friend,

Creative Writing Task 5 (Raena)

Dear Celine,
There is nothing to write about right now. I am sitting at my desk, watching the fan spin around as it throws dust particles all over the room. The fan spins round and round, like a windmill in Holland. It makes me feel relaxed, like I am on a well-deserved holiday in a lovely, windy country.

Everything at home is boring except my baby sister deciding that my essay would be the perfect canvas for her masterpiece. My 800-word essay, consisting of only boring blue words on boring white paper, was turned into a brilliant spectrum of colours. I could barely see my story underneath her better, much more colourful version. I felt frustrated. I had spent an hour on the essay, and it only took her minutes to make it look better. However, I could not help but to feel a sense of pride. It was truly a work of art. She might be an art prodigy.

I haven't been doing much except for my ADMT project. We were supposed to design and make a package with regards to Chinese New Year. I decided to make a box with paper cut designs on my packaging. I had spent countless nights carefully cutting the intricate flower designs. I painted it pink, orange and yellow. I was quite proud of my final packaging design, but not quite pleased with the total hours I had spent on it.

I hope that you can write back soon. It's fun catch up with friends the same way our previous generations did.

Your friend,
Raena Low

Creative Writing Task 4 (Raena)

After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see if there were any fallen trees and leaves glued to the pavement, covering it with shades of green and brown. I knew that the drain would be overflowed, gushing with rainwater. I imagined giant palms of trees on the floor and birds to be hiding in their homes, afraid of the storm.
When I opened the door, the trees outside were in near-perfect condition, almost as if the storm never happened. The rays of sunlight reflected off the wet pavement, making it look as if someone had sprinkled glitter on it. The leaves on the ground were not many, just enough to make the roads look beautiful.
As I walked out, some curtains were opening. People's heads peeked out of their windows to admire the rare scene. The sounds of tyres on the wet road were minimal. The birds chirped with glee, seeing the calm after the storm. The buildings glistened and looked as if they had just been washed. A slight breeze blew, and the leaves rustled. There was a sense of tranquillity in the air.
Wishing not to disturb the peace, I crept back home and enjoyed the serenity from there.

Creative Writing Task 5-Gabriel

Dear John,
There’s nothing to write about except the itch on the pimple on my forehead. It's like a volcano smack in the middle of the ocean, with nothing but skin all around it. The itch troubles me terribly, but I do not dare to touch it, for fear of creating an eruption of white pus.
Everything at home is boring except doing homework. The pile of homework on my table is like a mountain, which I have to climb. I keep getting distracted by all kinds of things, from the roaring of vehicles to my phone beside me. How I feel like just lying down on my bed and sleeping like a log, but I really have to finish my homework.
I haven't been doing much except going to the gym to work out. As I run three kilometres every day, I feel like I am running a full marathon. But after weeks of training, my stamina is gradually improving and now I can almost run the three kilometres without breaking a sweat.
What’s been happening in your life? It’s fun to get letters with such a boring life.
Your friend,

Creative Writing Task 4-Gabriel

   After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see the massive damage that the storm had caused. I expected trees fallen like dominoes and the sidewalk ripped off the ground, with pieces of brick floating in the air.
   I stepped out of my house, seeing the street, unchanged, save for some litter strewn on the floor. The trees stood like giants, with lush leaves for hair. A few cats had retreated to the safety of the rubbish bins, some of which had tipped over.
   Striding down the empty streets, the birds’ songs filled my ears, reflecting the exact opposite of what the storm would have been like. A few lone cars rumbled down the road, bleary-eyed drivers trying desperately to stay awake. Several cats, seeing me, shrunk into the shadows when they saw me. One or two people, with bloodshot eyes, staggered forward like zombies. In the eerie light of the early morning, I could almost imagine a werewolf howling at the top of its voice, keeping other wolves at bay while invoking fear into fearful people. The occasional flickering streetlight cast long shadows into every dark corner, making it difficult for me to see anything clearly. Not wanting to be mistaken for a werewolf, on the hunt for its next unfortunate victim, I hurried down the street.

Goh Cheng Yang CW 5

Dear Gaigy,

                   There's nothing to write about. I am currently sitting on a chair, my computer, file, and stationery spread out on my wooden table. A fly just flew and landed on my table. It is small, black-brownish and it looks weird, like a small centipede with wings. I can't do anything to chase it away, since I have so many things on my table. I tried to flick it away, and luckily, it just flew away on its own. I was disgusted, but relieved when it left. When it flew, it resembled a tiny black tangle of string floating around. I wonder, was it a new species? I have never seen this type of fly before.

                   Everything at home is boring except finding a door I didn't know existed. I was walking in the kitchen, my hand on the wall as I walked. I heard a click as I hit a corner of the wall. Then, I saw the door open. It was just big enough for a rabbit. I caught a whiff of beans, meat and flour. I stuck my hand in, and felt something slimy. I immediately pulled my hand out, shut the door and washed my hand. I am never going to stick my hand in any unknown hole ever again.

                     I haven't been doing much except learning about health science and training for Napfa! I got most of the questions right (which no one else knows) in health science. We also did planks and invisible chair for our physical training. My belly still hurts from yesterday's planks! Even though I suffered, I still feel proud that I managed to get past this obstacle in life. I also feel proud to know so much in health science that others don't. How I wish I can always feel like the best!

                      This is all I can think of to write to you. And please write to me too! It's always good to receive letters when life is so boring.

Your friend,
Cheng Yang

Goh Cheng Yang CW 4

  After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see cars crushed under trees, with water around me reach up to my knee. I imagined myself wading around in knee-deep water, with people who did not make it in time back home last night sleeping in umbrellas floating around aimlessly. I imagined an overflown river, flooding all farm crops around it. I opened the door.

  The bright Sun revealed the world around me. The river flowed normally, with beavers diving in, one by one. The farm crops around the river remained untouched. There was no flood, no knee-deep water. I breathed in the cool, refreshing air as I stepped out into the sunshine. Birds flew in circles around me, singing as they went. Cats and dogs travelled around the village aimlessly.

  Walking around the modern village, I heard cars honking and people shouting as the cars in front blocked the road. I continued walking, and saw houses with curtains drawn on both sides. I walked past an alley and saw some cats. Seeing their sharp claws and evil-looking eyes, I hurried away, not wanting to be attacked. I filed past shop after shop, peering inside as I walked. I went to a shop, and the owner stared at me like I was a suspicious character. Looking at the owner's glance, I immediately turned and walked back home, not wanting to be a prowler on a no good errand.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

CW Task 5 (Ray Wehn)

Dear Ethan,
      There's nothing to write about right now except for the bright afternoon sun shining upon me, like its draining my energy and strength from my body. I feel so tired and bored, like I'm about to doze off. The only thing that is keeping me awake is the bright reflection of sunlight on my water bottle shining onto my eyes.

       Everything at home is boring except the time when I cleaned my terrapin's tank. When I was going to transfer my terrapin into another smaller tank, it bit my finger, forcing me to release my hand, dropping it on the bathroom floor. Although my terrapin did not have any teeth, its bite still hurt like closing a door on my finger. It flipped onto its back, giving me the chance the put it in the tank.

       I haven't been doing much. except for my project on making a trailer in school. I had fun taking videos of my classmates and took photos to include in my trailer. I got to use my laptop more. Although making a trailer was fun, what was better was viewing my classmates' trailers. I hope I get a good grade for that.

       Well that was all I enjoyed this past few days. So how have you been? Anything interesting happened? I hope to receive a letter from you soon.


CW Task 4 (Ray Wehn)

    After a night of howling weather, I wen out early to see the disgusting muddy grass. the fallen trees and overfilled drains full of muddy water and carcasses of drowned animals.

    But just as I opened my front door,it was nothing like I expected. Everything was the opposite! The sky was clear blue, and I could see the transparent clouds floating about in the sky. The grass were bright green in colour, and I could see the water droplets from the storm still left dripping from the green grass.

   As I enjoyed the scenery, I could hear the high-pitched sound of grasshoppers rubbing its long legs. and the sound of the leaves on the trees rustling. I could smell the delicious smell of freshly-baked cookies from the nearby bakery. I walked around the neighbourhood sneakily to avoid waking up the residents.

   As I sneaked around, I found a pair of eyes starring down at me from one of the houses. Feeling uneasy, I decided to go back home.

By Goh Ray Wehn, S104

CW Task 5( Chloe)

Dear Darrell,

  There is nothing to write about. I'm in the classroom now. I can hear the constant chattering of my classmates' voice. He is really quite chatty. I just listen to the jokes he is cracking and how the whole class laughs along. I'v come to get used to his voice now. The class would be very quiet without it, he keeps us very entertained during classes. His voice is the only sound echoing in the silence of the classroom.

  Everything at home is boring except helping my younger sister with her mathematics homework. Every now and then, she would come running to me with her homework in her hands. To be honest, I quite enjoy doing that. It makes me feel like a mathematics master, and can solve any question she throws at me. I suppose that is the only thing that entertains me at home.

  I haven't really been doing much except working on my ADMT project. It is actually a really big project, well, bigger than I thought anyway. It is about  "Livable Cities" My group and I are working on a special road divider using Google Sketchup. That programme is really not easy to use. That is like working with a stubborn donkey which doesn't listen to you. However, we managed to get the basic shape out. I'm so proud of us for accomplishing that. That is probably the biggest achievement I have ever accomplished.

  I wonder how you are doing. Are you as bored as I am? I look forward to your reply.

  Your friend,

CW Task 4( Chloe)

    After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see what kind of destructive damage the nasty and hideous storm had caused. I expected the giant panel opposite my house to be overflowing with brown and murky water. I expected the roadside to be flooded with deep, muddy water.
    When I opened the door, the first thing that greeted me was sunlight. It was bright and shining, like it was smiling at me. The birds were chirping and singing their usual morning tunes, just happier than usual. The leaves on the trees were floating gently in the soft and slow breeze.

    As I stepped into the unexpected calm scene, I heard the crying of a baby waking from his sleep as well as the clanking of plates and cutlery. Someone was preparing breakfast. I heard the chattering of the old men sitting on the park bench, showing off their pet birds. I recognised the fragrant smell of toast and egg. I also heard the sizzling of a frying pan.

   Not wanting to be mistaken for a thief, I tucked my hands into my pocket and snuck back home.

Creative writing task 5 (Rae)

Dear Vanessa
   There’s nothing to write about except the torn tablecloth I have in sight. It has been the glass table’s companion for several years, which explains how yellow it had turned and the torns and stains. How much I wish I could have it changed, my parents wouldn’t bear to have it thrown as it was a gift from my uncle and was made of good quality. But haven’t they heard of the phrase ; if the old don’t go, the new won’t come?

  Everything at home is boring except what happened yesterday, when my little brother accidentally hit a vase on the table which caused it to shatter, “haizz…” How many times did I tell him not to run around the house? And in the end, I got blamed for not looking after him, how innocent I was.

 I haven’t been doing much except having to do planking during Sports & Wellness lesson. We had toturous physical training the whole lesson. I don’t see the point in doing all this because all it does is to cause my limbs to hurt so bad. And all of us were panting so heavily and sweating until a whole sheet of sweat had formed at our backs.

My life is boring and tiring, hopefully yours is better. Goodbye!

Your friend,


Creative writing task 4 (Rae)

After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see if the ground was flooded with brown, murky water and moss growing on logs. Perhaps the trees and buildings would have collapsed as though an earthquake had just happened as well.
 The street was not as dilapidated as I thought. Instead of muddy water flooding the ground, it had small, clear puddles. Clear enough that I could see the reflection of myself. The birds were chirping freely and happily, while trees and buildings were still perfectly fine. They were tall and upright, and the leaves of the trees were rustling.

 As I walked along the neighbourhood, I breathed in the fresh air while enjoying the breeze. There were few people outside, but I could smell french toast and aromatic coffee while strolling. The next sound I heard was a growling and rumbling sound. From my tummy. Most houses still had their curtains drawn, it was expected, it was still so early anyway. I continued my stroll, I walked to the road and saw that a few cafeterias were already open, smelling the fresh vegetables and fried bacons and eggs added on to my hunger.

After about an hour, I decided to go back home, not wanting my parents to worry if they did not see me. Turning around, I walked back home.  

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Creative Writing Task 5(Khrisha)

Dear Kathy,
                   There is nothing to write about except that sun shining dimly outside the windows. The brightness of the light bulbs covers the rays of the sun as though if there was no sun. The sun seems to be hiding behind something blocking its rays. The dimly shining sun gives me the feeling of an evening when it is just one in the afternoon. This is as though the sun's playing hide-and-seek along with me.
                    Everything at home is boring except me cleaning my messy cupboard. As the doors, open everything falls out from the huge pile. It was as though there was a flood of clothes and the books that were brownish in color with some brown spots. I random folded the clothes picking it one by one trying to fold it. I stuffed all my clothes which were folded messily. I picked up the old book when I saw specks of dust flying in the air. Arranging the book in the cupboard I felt proud for cleaning the messy junk.
                    I haven't been doing much except participating in the discus competition and getting fourth place. I never expected people to be worse than me. Throwing that round green colored object that was heavy for others but not for me. My first throw the best throw. It flew all the way to the end of the sandy ground. The next few was horrible not managing to cross half of the brown ground. Some of the following throws by others overtook mine, but I wasn't even caring about it as my confidence level was very low. When all the throws were over and I realised I got fourth place made me smile the whole day.
                   I hope that you will tell me more about your interesting life soon to make me escape from my boredom.
Your friend,

Chin Ray CW5

Dear Gabriel,
There's nothing much to write about. The harsh sunlight coming from the window, making me feel extremely uncomfortable, casting an orange hue around my bedroom as I am writing this email here. I can feel and excruciating pain coursing through my veins; it came from a small yet significant paper cut in my left hand. I think it came from the worksheets you gave to me a few days ago, sadly, up till now, it has not recovered, and to add on, its all dried up, without a hint of moisture.

Everything at home is boring except that door which I slammed last week when having a huge argument with my brother, we hurled tons of words to each other, with tension zapping every air molecule in our house. Out of anger, I slammed my door, grumbling in need annoyance. I felt that it was necessary to do so , as it ended the argument. However, it resulted the door to creak every time I open or close it ,causing me to quiver in utter fear everytime before I go to bed, thinking it was some paranormal activity.

I haven't been doing much. Except at school, in which I participated in a 100m race, I think that I could have done better as I only got 4th place, but  I still feel extremely proud of myself, as I am able to support my coloured house. If only I had trained much harder and build up my stamina, I think I could have performed much better in that long red stretch or rubber track.

So, what's been happening to you? Hope to hear from you soon!

Your friend,
Chin Ray

Creative Writing Task 4(Khrisha)

     After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see the fallen trees lying on the floor without even one standing and all the yards brown without a single grass left after the violent black storm.
     The green yards  glittered with tiny droplets of water on the short green grass. The trees stood towering above me as tall as before with its majestic looks.
     The songs sang by the birds filled my ears as they stood firmly on the branches of the trees. The voices of chatter sounded as I strolled along the path filled with tiny little puddles reflecting my face as I walk by. The doors opening and showing the scene inside was seen. The curtains gathered at the sides as tiny little eyes of the children peeked out. The sounds of the horns honking started echoing across the streets. The black smoke from the burning of fires gathered around the chimneys. The sun reflected its yellow rays across the streets. The dogs barked in hunger as the fur was like stick showing its peach skin as the rain drenched the dogs. The sound of shrieking alarms were heard all around the place. The smell of fresh air entered my nostrils giving me a calm and peaceful feeling making my heart relax. The droplets dripped down my body here and there as I walked past.
     The silent trees gave me a feeling of me like a culprit roaming around for treasure.

Chin Ray CW4

After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see; I wonder if the relentless storm has demolished everything in its path, houses turned into scrap material, begging for mercy under it. My mother complained that the storm was so loud till her ear drum burst as if it as summoning all elements of Earth. I also wondered if all the animals have migrated out of fear.

The very street, to my relief, was not gone, but simply invaded by some vines. I saw little chicks hobbling around, not scared, but chirping around, calling out its comrades for a gathering.

Walking into the usually quiet neighbourhood, I expected to hear the sheer sound of my rubber soles rubbing against the pavement, but instead I could hear snores from my neighbour's house, resonating throughout the neighbourhood.Cars whizzed by, with raindrops engulfing its windshield. Drains were sucking up the rainwater, producing a huge splatter now and then, as if it was a chaotic battle between those liquids last night. The fluorescent lamps beamed down on me, flickering occasionally like it was trying to cough out the impurities.
Not wanting to be mistaken as a prowler on no good errand, I turned back and ran like there was no tomorrow back to my house.

Faqih CW 5

Dear Sarrah,

         There's nothing to write about except the itch in my ear. It's so unbearable. I think my ears are sick of listening to the boring conversations my friends were telling me. I think I need a break, listening to a music genre we both love to hear or your voice that I missed a lot.

         Everything at home is boring except hearing from my new Bluetooth headphone that I just bought from Ebay. Before i got it, I was really impatient. I can't even sleep and I thought that it would take forever to come. However, I eventually received it as if I was a king that was given a diamond crown.

         I haven't been doing much except playing with my two adorable hamsters. They are somewhat a toy that I can play with when I am bored. When they are on the floor without a cage, they will chase each other. They remind me of you. I feel so lonely.

         Maybe that is it.  Hope you could send me and email about your life. I wish I could meet you again!


Faqih CW 4

         After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see my neighbour’s fences tore into tiny bits of pieces and the streetlight collapsed onto the flooded road. I expected to see the trees uprooted and all buildings were destroyed. The whole street, I assumed, to be flooded with dirty and murky water.

         I was right outside my house just to see the unexpected. The trees were swaying in the gentle wind. The houses looked fine just that it was faint in the early morning. I did not hear birds chirping as I thought that they were still sleeping soundly.

         I heard babies bawling in their houses and a car engine from a distance. Even the flow of waters in the drain caught my ear as it was near total silence. The grass rubbing each other and the sound of wind were just a few.

         Walking in the dimly-lit streets, i felt like an alien coming from a distant star exploring an unknown environment.

Creative Writing 5 (Lucas)

Dear Chin Siang,

There's nothing to write about now except the strand of hair on my paper. It is at the bottom left corner of my paper, and it will probably be blown away soon, just like all hair strands. It makes me feel sad, the something so weak could be blown away by something as simple and petty as wind.

Everything at home is boring except when I found a childhood toy that I thought I had lost. It was a tiny toy car that was put away at the back of my rusty old cupboard. It was still in good condition as it was eight years ago, before I lost it. The bright red vehicle shimmered under the sunlight as it rested on the corner of my table.

I haven't been doing much except my Alternative Assessment for my Chinese Language. It is probably the only "fun" exam there will ever be. I made an advertisement about a Mother Tongue Fortnight, and I am quite happy with it. Being my first advertisement, I am really quite satisfied with it.

What's been happening with you? I hope to hear from you soon. Farewell!

Your friend,

Creative Writing 4 (Lucas)

After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see if the electric cables had been cut, and how badly damaged the porch would be. I anticipated soaked grounds and broken metal, maybe a couple of fallen trees as well. The drains would probably be flooded too, filled to the brim.

However, everything was the same. The electric cables were still hanging, the metal lamps were still standing tall and sturdy. The porch was dry as ever, as if not a single drop of water had gone near it. The trees were still looking fresh, as they had always been.

As I walked into the nearby neighbourhood, I found everything still the same. Everyone acted normally, and nothing was out of place. The people were still asleep. Not wanting to be mistaken as a nasty thief, I crept back home...

Creative Writing Task 4 [Alya]

     After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see if the old folk tree had fallen, if the roof of my neighbours house caved in and if the drains had flooded and if the village was flattened as if a giant had trampled over it.
     The houses, however, were not flattened but still intact with the ground and still in shape. The trees help their branches up high towards the early morning sun. And the seas kissed the shore gently.
      The trees rustled in the wind as the birds chirped happily, warming their bodies in the sun. The sea waves whispered softly and there were soft murmurs that started to come from the small cottages as the road started to fill up with cars. The sun started to rise as the city started to get busier. The city started to wake up when i realised how clean the place looked and how fresh the air smelled when I was prowling in the streets alone, early in the morning.
      Not wanting to worry my parents and look like a prowler, I scurried home before my mum woke up.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Poster Analysis

Poster Analysis

Image: This picture shows a piggy bank filled with cigarettes and ashes. There is ashes on the floor as well.

Colour: The background is plain and white which brings our attention to the piggybank filled with cigarettes and ashes, and the words which are also in different colours.

Words: The words are written on the bottom of the poster that says "Daddy couldn't give me pocket money." From this we can say that the Father of the child has used up all the money and income of the family to buy cigarettes to smoke. So, the Father could not give his child pocket money but used up cigarettes. This addiction of his is affecting his family.

Typographical Features: The words are bolded.They are big and also in different colours which emphasises the cause of smoking.

Layout: The piggybank is filled with ashes which shows that the Father could not give his child pocket money but only used up cigarettes. So, this shows how smoking can affect a family and how addictive it could be.

Purpose:To tell the people with families yet smoke that smoking is harmful to oneself and family; and also that smoking is addictive.
Audience:People who have families but smoke
Context:Smoking is harmful.
Culture:Smoking is bad for oneself and their family

Poster Analysis

Image: This picture shows a revolver with cigarettes as the bullets stored in it.
Colour: Background is grey and plain, thus the revolver stands out in the picture.
Words: This image contains words on the top right-hand side corner, saying, "Smoking Kills". From this, we can infer that the image is trying to say that cigarettes are like the bullets, therefore smoking can kill us, just like a gun. 
Typographical Features: The words are written in capital letters, to emphasise how dangerous it is.
Layout: The main focus is on the revolver. It shows that cigarettes are no different from bullets, therefore smoking can kill you just like a gunshot.

Purpose: To tell smokers that smoking can kill.
Audience: Smokers
Context: Smoking kills
Culture: Smoking is bad for health and kills.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

it is a blood and inside it is a mother and baby
its background colour is skin colour and the mother and baby is made of blood
it use skin colour as skin and red colour as blood.
it say to give blood which mean to donate blood
typographical features
the word is in red colour as it link to blood

to encourage blood donation
to the people suitable to donate blood
there is people who need your blood donation
to let people know the blood donation help others

Visual Text Analysis

Image: This poster shows a forest shaped like lungs. Part of the forest has been cleared.
Colour: This picture is mainly green, to show that there is still land that needs to be saved. However, in the lung-shaped forest, brown is used to show the cleared area. This shows that deforestation is like a disease that ruins the forest, as well as our health.
Words: This image contains a phrase at the bottom, saying “Before it’s too late.” I think that it is trying to inform the audience to realise that deforestation affects us and to do something about it before all our forests are cleared.
Typographical Features: The words are small and at the bottom. I think that it’s because the picture says more than what their words can express.
Layout: The main focus is on the forest. It shows that deforestation will in turn affect us and our health. It also shows more green areas in the background to say that we can still save the world.

Purpose: The purpose is to raise awareness of deforestation.
Audience: The audience is everyone, as everyone indirectly encourages deforestation and deforestation affects everyone.
Context: Deforestation affects the world and us.
Culture: Deforestation is a common and growing issue.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Roshan (18) Visual Text Analysis

This image does not have many words but the picture of the mouse. 
The background is black and blue which makes it more attractive. The neon colour gives the mouse a better look.
The colour black means power and the light blue neon colour gives a clarity in the mind. Both the colours blend in with each other. It looks as though the users will have a power felling while using this mouse.
The words are based on the mouse and the detail. There are words which describe where the mouse can be used.  At the bottom right hand corner, there is the logo of the company which provides the mose and there is the website there. There is the name of the company on the mouse as well. 
Typographical Features
The words are not enlarged as they want the people to only see the mouse but the company's name is bigger than the other words on the poster. 
Purpose: To convince people to buy the mouse as it will be useful for them 
Audience: People who only use the trackpads on theur laptops.
Context: Mouses can be useful for many things.
Culture: People think that mouse is only used for computers only but can be used for other uses like security cameras and etc.

Visual Text Analysis

This poster compares the different brands of potato chips.

This poster shows a packet of Lay's chips and a can of Pringles chips in a white background.

The white background gives contrast to the different types of chips and thus making it more noticeable.  

The words label Justice and Injustice to the various brands of chips and also shows us the amount of potato chips in each package.

Typographical Features
The words Justice and Injustice were the biggest words in the poster to let its audience see it easily.
Purpose: Pringles contain more chips than Lay's
Audience: People who eat Lays potato chips
Context: Buying Pringles chips is more worth than Lay's
Culture: Some people in the world thinks Lay's is the best chips in the world. However this poster will make them think again.

Lim Hong wei(16)Visual Text Analysis

This poster does not have any pictures other than the logo LEGO.

The background of the poster is blue in colour. The background is made of small blocks, which links to the words on it. The small blocks are actually small lego blocks.

The poster background colour is blue, which gives a cool feeling, like it is normal to have posters made of lego blocks. The words are yellow in colour. It gives off this happy feeling, it makes people happy and excited when they look at the poster

The words are made up of small lego blocks. This again links to the words on the poster. The short form "AD" was used instead of advertisement. This makes the poster informal. The words "create anything" is used such that is is emphasised by the poster which is wholly made of lego blocks. It gives this feeling that even the whole world can be made of LEGO.

Typographical Features
The bigger words are enlarged to emphasise the meaning further. The small words give a conclusion to the whole poster. The time after reading the big words and before the small words give a cliffhanger feeling.

Purpose: To convince the people to buy lego, because in the future it will build the future.
Audience: People who do not buy LEGO
Context: With LEGO, you can create anything that you can think of. The creations are limitless.
Culture: People think that LEGO is for children, thus this poster shows that anyone can have LEGO.

Poster Analysis~Khrisha 03


This poster shows the earth being burnt by ragign flames from a pot that contains fossil fuels.


The earth which is being burnt is placed in the middle of the poster attracting the people's attention.The world being destroyed is the main point of the poster thus it is placed in the middle. The pot is placed bellow the earth which secondly captures the attention of the people seeing the poster. The reason for the earth destroying is the second point the poster wants to convey to the people seeing the poster thus it is placed bellow the earth where the people will secondly look at.


The orange flames burning the earth conveys the message that the flames are aggressive and are destroying the earth badly. The pot is in black colour which usualy signifiyes the destruction of something.Thus this states that the burning of fossil fuels destroyes the earth.


The words "fossil fuels" is placed in the middle of the pot in white. This coveys the message that fossil fuels are the main reason for the earth being destroyed due to the heat from the burining flames. 

Typographical Features

The words fossil fuels are in big font and is in white stating that the fossil fuels is the main reason for the increase in heat and thus causing the world to destroy.


Purpose-To educat people to reduce the use of fossil fuels to prevent the world from being destroyed due to heat.
Audience-People who uses a lot of the things that needs fossil fuels like electricity.
Culture-People think that using too much of the things that needs fossil fuels does not play a part in destroying the world and continues using it.
Context-It makes people realise that fossil fuels is the main reason for the world being destroyed.

Goh Cheng Yang (11) visual text analysis


This poster depicts a person wearing a black shirt, with a tiny bow on the neck, and with numbers on it :1988-???? ,which clearly refers to the year of birth and death, like on a tombstone. The person is strapped with a seatbelt, which covers the year of death, thus the year of death is unknown. There is also a caption at the bottom-right corner of the image, which states "Buckle up, stay alive".


The seatbelt covers the date of death, which clearly tells us that the seatbelt is making the year unknown. It means that the seatbelt can prolong our lives. This highly supports the purpose of this poster itself, which is to let people know that seatbelt saves lives. 


The person shown in the image is wearing black to signify death, since black=darkness=death. The seatbelt tells us that the seatbelt prolonged this person's life, because the death date is unknown, but the person is wearing black. So this person escaped death.


The years on this person's shirt resembles the years depicted on a tombstone, and is meant to signify death. This person has an unknown death year, which shows that this person is still alive (caused by the seatbelt). There is a caption at the bottom-right of the image, which tells us the meaning of this poster in case some people do not know, which is almost impossible.

Typographical Features:

The words on the bottom-right corner are small white, and located at the corner to draw the viewers' attention only to the person, the seatbelt and the birth and death years.This brings out the message, and attracts the viewers. If the words are too big, due to the contrast between the white letters and  the black clothing, the viewers will only read the words and ignore the rest of the poster. The words are white because it cannot be seen if it is black, and those people who do not know the meaning will not understand.


Purpose: To let people know that wearing seatbelts can prolong life, and get them to wear.
Audience: The general public.
Context: Seatbelts save lives.
Culture: A black shirt is used to express death, along with the birth and death years. The seatbelt is used to show that it saved the user's life.

credited to Kamal's beautiful layout