Thursday, 7 April 2016

Yeo Jia Hao Calvin S1-04 (Visual Text Analysis): Hitler vs. Charlie C.

The image shows a simplistically-stylised art of Adolf Hitler, the infamous notorious dictator, and Charlie Chaplin, a comedian who rose to fame in the era of silent films. Both of their iconic mustaches and hair are very similar. 

Linguistic Features 
The short and sweet sentence of "It's the hat." suggests that the hats produced by Hut Weber have a great impact on how an individual looks like just by wearing their hats.

Textual Features
Small text using the Arial font gives a feeling of gentlemanliness, formality, and superiority of the buyer when he puts on Hut Weber's hat.

Typographical Features
The tiny size of the sentence 'It's the hat.' can be taken as Hut Weber trying to say that small differences have obvious and noticeable outcomes.
Hitler's face is placed on the left side and Charlie C.'s face is placed on the right side. This may be intentional by the Hut Weber marketing team as the word "left" has a negative connotation as it is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word lyft, meaning "weak". The right side is the 'right' side. (Pun intended) 'It's the hat.' placed underneath Charlie C. implies that the hat made the dictator into the comedian. Placing the Hut Weber company logo on the right was a 'righteous' decision. (Sorry for the puns)

The choice of having only two colours is very smart of the Hut Weber marketing team. This type of simplicity accompanied with the abstract art of the two popular faces and the decision of blackish-brown on what seems to be old paper further accentuates the idea of the company keeping to its own original design and style.    

Purpose: To persuade people to purchase their 'identity-changing' hats.
Audience: Individuals who love to express their character and personality through their choice fashion, especially headwear. 
Context: It causes viewers of the advertisement to think about how powerful Hut Weber's hats are, hats that are the thin line between tragedy and comedy. 
Culture: Image's art style suits 'contemporary art', which is what the youngsters are familiar and comfortable with today.

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