Thursday, 21 April 2016

CW Task 5 (Ray Wehn)

Dear Ethan,
      There's nothing to write about right now except for the bright afternoon sun shining upon me, like its draining my energy and strength from my body. I feel so tired and bored, like I'm about to doze off. The only thing that is keeping me awake is the bright reflection of sunlight on my water bottle shining onto my eyes.

       Everything at home is boring except the time when I cleaned my terrapin's tank. When I was going to transfer my terrapin into another smaller tank, it bit my finger, forcing me to release my hand, dropping it on the bathroom floor. Although my terrapin did not have any teeth, its bite still hurt like closing a door on my finger. It flipped onto its back, giving me the chance the put it in the tank.

       I haven't been doing much. except for my project on making a trailer in school. I had fun taking videos of my classmates and took photos to include in my trailer. I got to use my laptop more. Although making a trailer was fun, what was better was viewing my classmates' trailers. I hope I get a good grade for that.

       Well that was all I enjoyed this past few days. So how have you been? Anything interesting happened? I hope to receive a letter from you soon.


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