Thursday, 21 April 2016

CW Task 5( Chloe)

Dear Darrell,

  There is nothing to write about. I'm in the classroom now. I can hear the constant chattering of my classmates' voice. He is really quite chatty. I just listen to the jokes he is cracking and how the whole class laughs along. I'v come to get used to his voice now. The class would be very quiet without it, he keeps us very entertained during classes. His voice is the only sound echoing in the silence of the classroom.

  Everything at home is boring except helping my younger sister with her mathematics homework. Every now and then, she would come running to me with her homework in her hands. To be honest, I quite enjoy doing that. It makes me feel like a mathematics master, and can solve any question she throws at me. I suppose that is the only thing that entertains me at home.

  I haven't really been doing much except working on my ADMT project. It is actually a really big project, well, bigger than I thought anyway. It is about  "Livable Cities" My group and I are working on a special road divider using Google Sketchup. That programme is really not easy to use. That is like working with a stubborn donkey which doesn't listen to you. However, we managed to get the basic shape out. I'm so proud of us for accomplishing that. That is probably the biggest achievement I have ever accomplished.

  I wonder how you are doing. Are you as bored as I am? I look forward to your reply.

  Your friend,

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