Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Chin Ray CW5

Dear Gabriel,
There's nothing much to write about. The harsh sunlight coming from the window, making me feel extremely uncomfortable, casting an orange hue around my bedroom as I am writing this email here. I can feel and excruciating pain coursing through my veins; it came from a small yet significant paper cut in my left hand. I think it came from the worksheets you gave to me a few days ago, sadly, up till now, it has not recovered, and to add on, its all dried up, without a hint of moisture.

Everything at home is boring except that door which I slammed last week when having a huge argument with my brother, we hurled tons of words to each other, with tension zapping every air molecule in our house. Out of anger, I slammed my door, grumbling in need annoyance. I felt that it was necessary to do so , as it ended the argument. However, it resulted the door to creak every time I open or close it ,causing me to quiver in utter fear everytime before I go to bed, thinking it was some paranormal activity.

I haven't been doing much. Except at school, in which I participated in a 100m race, I think that I could have done better as I only got 4th place, but  I still feel extremely proud of myself, as I am able to support my coloured house. If only I had trained much harder and build up my stamina, I think I could have performed much better in that long red stretch or rubber track.

So, what's been happening to you? Hope to hear from you soon!

Your friend,
Chin Ray

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