Friday, 22 April 2016

Creative Task 5 [Alya]

Dear Mac,
There's nothing to write about except the many eraser dust on the table left there by me during art class. Interesting, aren't they? They come in many shapes and sizes, just like the people on this planet, like minions evading my table. They make me feel like a giant due to their tiny size. Makes me feel like I have control over them.

Everything at home is boring except for two little creatures which visited my house last week, their scaly little hands mesmerised me but what happened shocked and disgusted me. Remember the funny thai advertisement we watched? That was exactly what happened to the lizard's. My heart sank but felt disgusted as I had to clean it up.

I haven't been doing much except train for the upcoming and what I feel unnecessary napfa. I think I stressed my stomach muscle too much, it's aching now. I should have exercised when I could and listen to our primary school physical education teacher.

I hope you are having a better life than me. Write to you soon!

Your friend,

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