Friday, 8 April 2016

Chloe Wong( Visual Text Analysis)


This picture shows a hand holding a cigarette but the shadow behind it depicts a gun instead of a cigarette. 


The hand with the cigarette and the shadow behind are located in the centre of the picture, indicating that it is the focus of the picture. The words" Smoking kills" are located at the left corner to let people know the main message of the poster. There is also the caption located below the " Smoking kills" to let people know the shocking number of deaths from smoking. The shadow of a gun instead of a cigarette represents how dangerous smoking is and can be. It means that a cigarette is as dangerous as a gun.

Typographical Features

The phrase" Smoking kills" is typed out in a bigger font than the caption below it. This allows readers  to know the main message of the poster before reading the caption. The bigger font also attracts people to read the poster. 


The phrase" Smoking kills" instantly allows the reader to understand the main message of the poster and also have a greater and more effective effect on the readers when the word" kills" is used. the number of people who die from smoking in the poster also gives readers an eye- opener on how bad a problem smoking is. 


The poster uses dull and dark colours to show that it is a serious and dangerous problem. People will also take the message more seriously once they see the tone of colours used.

Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to discourage people from smoking and also to encourage people who are smoking to stop smoking.
Audience: The audience of the poster are mainly smokers who don't know the danger of smoking.
Context: It allows people to have an idea of just how dangerous smoking is.
Culture: It uses guns to link smoking and danger together. People know that guns are dangerous and by using a gun as a representative for a cigarette, people know that smoking is very dangerous.

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