Saturday, 9 April 2016

Visual Text Analysis

This poster compares the different brands of potato chips.

This poster shows a packet of Lay's chips and a can of Pringles chips in a white background.

The white background gives contrast to the different types of chips and thus making it more noticeable.  

The words label Justice and Injustice to the various brands of chips and also shows us the amount of potato chips in each package.

Typographical Features
The words Justice and Injustice were the biggest words in the poster to let its audience see it easily.
Purpose: Pringles contain more chips than Lay's
Audience: People who eat Lays potato chips
Context: Buying Pringles chips is more worth than Lay's
Culture: Some people in the world thinks Lay's is the best chips in the world. However this poster will make them think again.

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