Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Chin Ray CW4

After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see; I wonder if the relentless storm has demolished everything in its path, houses turned into scrap material, begging for mercy under it. My mother complained that the storm was so loud till her ear drum burst as if it as summoning all elements of Earth. I also wondered if all the animals have migrated out of fear.

The very street, to my relief, was not gone, but simply invaded by some vines. I saw little chicks hobbling around, not scared, but chirping around, calling out its comrades for a gathering.

Walking into the usually quiet neighbourhood, I expected to hear the sheer sound of my rubber soles rubbing against the pavement, but instead I could hear snores from my neighbour's house, resonating throughout the neighbourhood.Cars whizzed by, with raindrops engulfing its windshield. Drains were sucking up the rainwater, producing a huge splatter now and then, as if it was a chaotic battle between those liquids last night. The fluorescent lamps beamed down on me, flickering occasionally like it was trying to cough out the impurities.
Not wanting to be mistaken as a prowler on no good errand, I turned back and ran like there was no tomorrow back to my house.

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