Friday, 8 April 2016

Poster Analysis [Alya]

This poster shows a fish in a "bottle" which is used to store oil or car petrol filled with water.

The fish and the bottle are placed in the middle to tell viewers it is the main focus. The message is placed on the top left of the poster. Maybe the poster designer did this intentionally so that the viewer would look at the picture and understand it before reading the message. If the viewer did that, he would probably understand the message better than when he does it vice versa.

The poster is blue in colour, a colour most people associate with water. And most of the things in the bottle is vivid, which in my opinion, represents lives. Also, the corner of the posters are a darker shade of blue than in the middle which once again, shows the focus of the poster.

The words used in the message is simple yet impactful. It shows and reflects on us, how we are wasting water. Water is easily accessible to us yet others around the world and those in countries like Africa are dying due to the lack of clean water which leads to not being able to farm and they suffer from dehydration and hunger.

The size of the words are small and as said earlier it is to tell viewers that the picture is the main focus so people understand the message the designer intended to give.

Purpose: To raise awareness about water pollution (the bottle and the fish)
Audience: Car drivers who are unaware about water pollution caused by patrol
Context: It allows car drivers to change their "type" of patrol to something eco-friendly.
Culture: The bottle is representing the oil and the fish, life. If the bottle, which is suppose to be filled with oil, is empty, water pollution in the rivers and lakes will reduce and more underwater animals can survive.

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