Monday, 11 April 2016

Poster Analysis

Poster Analysis

Image: This picture shows a piggy bank filled with cigarettes and ashes. There is ashes on the floor as well.

Colour: The background is plain and white which brings our attention to the piggybank filled with cigarettes and ashes, and the words which are also in different colours.

Words: The words are written on the bottom of the poster that says "Daddy couldn't give me pocket money." From this we can say that the Father of the child has used up all the money and income of the family to buy cigarettes to smoke. So, the Father could not give his child pocket money but used up cigarettes. This addiction of his is affecting his family.

Typographical Features: The words are bolded.They are big and also in different colours which emphasises the cause of smoking.

Layout: The piggybank is filled with ashes which shows that the Father could not give his child pocket money but only used up cigarettes. So, this shows how smoking can affect a family and how addictive it could be.

Purpose:To tell the people with families yet smoke that smoking is harmful to oneself and family; and also that smoking is addictive.
Audience:People who have families but smoke
Context:Smoking is harmful.
Culture:Smoking is bad for oneself and their family

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