Saturday, 9 April 2016

Lim Hong wei(16)Visual Text Analysis

This poster does not have any pictures other than the logo LEGO.

The background of the poster is blue in colour. The background is made of small blocks, which links to the words on it. The small blocks are actually small lego blocks.

The poster background colour is blue, which gives a cool feeling, like it is normal to have posters made of lego blocks. The words are yellow in colour. It gives off this happy feeling, it makes people happy and excited when they look at the poster

The words are made up of small lego blocks. This again links to the words on the poster. The short form "AD" was used instead of advertisement. This makes the poster informal. The words "create anything" is used such that is is emphasised by the poster which is wholly made of lego blocks. It gives this feeling that even the whole world can be made of LEGO.

Typographical Features
The bigger words are enlarged to emphasise the meaning further. The small words give a conclusion to the whole poster. The time after reading the big words and before the small words give a cliffhanger feeling.

Purpose: To convince the people to buy lego, because in the future it will build the future.
Audience: People who do not buy LEGO
Context: With LEGO, you can create anything that you can think of. The creations are limitless.
Culture: People think that LEGO is for children, thus this poster shows that anyone can have LEGO.

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