Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Creative Writing Task 5(Khrisha)

Dear Kathy,
                   There is nothing to write about except that sun shining dimly outside the windows. The brightness of the light bulbs covers the rays of the sun as though if there was no sun. The sun seems to be hiding behind something blocking its rays. The dimly shining sun gives me the feeling of an evening when it is just one in the afternoon. This is as though the sun's playing hide-and-seek along with me.
                    Everything at home is boring except me cleaning my messy cupboard. As the doors, open everything falls out from the huge pile. It was as though there was a flood of clothes and the books that were brownish in color with some brown spots. I random folded the clothes picking it one by one trying to fold it. I stuffed all my clothes which were folded messily. I picked up the old book when I saw specks of dust flying in the air. Arranging the book in the cupboard I felt proud for cleaning the messy junk.
                    I haven't been doing much except participating in the discus competition and getting fourth place. I never expected people to be worse than me. Throwing that round green colored object that was heavy for others but not for me. My first throw the best throw. It flew all the way to the end of the sandy ground. The next few was horrible not managing to cross half of the brown ground. Some of the following throws by others overtook mine, but I wasn't even caring about it as my confidence level was very low. When all the throws were over and I realised I got fourth place made me smile the whole day.
                   I hope that you will tell me more about your interesting life soon to make me escape from my boredom.
Your friend,

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