Saturday, 30 April 2016

Situational Writing Draft 2 (Raena Low)

7 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 234234

6 April 2016

Dear Celine

How are you? I am delighted to hear that you, Aunt Daphne and Uncle Harry are interested in coming to Singapore. You should come as you will have the most enjoyable and memorable trip you have ever been on. I have looked through the web page and planned some activities you will enjoy. 

We could go to Little India and Chinatown to experience the cultural aspects of Singapore. Little India, one of the most colourful districts in Singapore, has shophouses selling various things, such as traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares. You can also go to Mustafa, the 24-hour shopping centre to get last-minute souvenirs. The fish head curry there is a must-try, as it is the best in Singapore! We can then proceed to Chinatown, which houses religious landmarks of many different religions. There are traditional medicine halls, beautifully restored shophouses, teahouses and not forgetting the lively street market where you can bargain for all kinds of goods. My favourite thing to do in Chinatown is to take a trishaw and admire the mix of traditional and modern.

As I mentioned, Chinatown holds both cultural and modern aspects of Singapore. Despite being one of Singapore's attractions with rich history, it has many colonial and modern buildings. Next, we could go to the Singapore Flyer, the largest observation wheel in the world. You will have the chance to take in the panoramic view of Singapore's landmarks and the city. You can also dine while enjoying the view. While we're there, we could experience being a pilot with the Real Flight Simulator.

While you're in Singapore, you must try the food. After all, Singapore is well-known for our delicious food. We could go to "Food Glorious Food!", where you can sample a wide range of local food, such as laksa (noodles in spicy food) and chilli crab. I'm sure that you would enjoy yourself there.

Well, I hope that my recommendations interest you further. I hope to see you in Singapore soon!

Your loving cousin,


  1. Overall, the writing is good but for the modern part, instead of reusing the points on Chinatown, change the venue to somewhere else. That could further improve on the contents.

  2. Well written and you also addressed all the points, but did you really intend to mean "noodles in spicy food" or is it a typo and should be "soup"?

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