Friday, 22 April 2016

Creative Writing Task 4 (Raena)

After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see if there were any fallen trees and leaves glued to the pavement, covering it with shades of green and brown. I knew that the drain would be overflowed, gushing with rainwater. I imagined giant palms of trees on the floor and birds to be hiding in their homes, afraid of the storm.
When I opened the door, the trees outside were in near-perfect condition, almost as if the storm never happened. The rays of sunlight reflected off the wet pavement, making it look as if someone had sprinkled glitter on it. The leaves on the ground were not many, just enough to make the roads look beautiful.
As I walked out, some curtains were opening. People's heads peeked out of their windows to admire the rare scene. The sounds of tyres on the wet road were minimal. The birds chirped with glee, seeing the calm after the storm. The buildings glistened and looked as if they had just been washed. A slight breeze blew, and the leaves rustled. There was a sense of tranquillity in the air.
Wishing not to disturb the peace, I crept back home and enjoyed the serenity from there.

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