Saturday, 9 April 2016

Roshan (18) Visual Text Analysis

This image does not have many words but the picture of the mouse. 
The background is black and blue which makes it more attractive. The neon colour gives the mouse a better look.
The colour black means power and the light blue neon colour gives a clarity in the mind. Both the colours blend in with each other. It looks as though the users will have a power felling while using this mouse.
The words are based on the mouse and the detail. There are words which describe where the mouse can be used.  At the bottom right hand corner, there is the logo of the company which provides the mose and there is the website there. There is the name of the company on the mouse as well. 
Typographical Features
The words are not enlarged as they want the people to only see the mouse but the company's name is bigger than the other words on the poster. 
Purpose: To convince people to buy the mouse as it will be useful for them 
Audience: People who only use the trackpads on theur laptops.
Context: Mouses can be useful for many things.
Culture: People think that mouse is only used for computers only but can be used for other uses like security cameras and etc.

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