Friday, 8 April 2016

Rae's visual text analysis

This picture depicts someone wanting to light a cigarette which is tied to a ticking clock, resembling a bomb which would explode.

The dim colour of the photo and the light from the lighter will allow readers to be reminded of a candlelight ceremony, also similarly known as a funeral, expressing that smoking kills.

The main focus of the picture is the ticking clock and the lighter about to light the cigarette, which many would relate to a bomb. It clearly shows the consequences of smoking, it's like a bomb which could explode anytime and cannot be salvaged if not quickly stopped. What's next would be the text at the bottom, "Every breath you take will eventually destroy your future", summarising the main point of the whole poster.

The sentence "Every breath you take will eventually destroy your future" is to tell readers the consequence of smoking. The text isn't the most eye-catching thing or main point in the poster, but more of to summarise the meaning of the ticking time bomb.

Typographical features
The font used is simple and the text size is also very small as the greater point in the photo is the ticking time bomb.

Purpose : To discourage readers from smoking
Audience : Smokers
Context : To inform readers, especially smokers the danger and consequences of smoking
Culture : It uses a ticking time bomb to express the danger of smoking.

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