Friday, 8 April 2016

Gabriel Yap Advertisement Analysis

Advertisement Analysis


The image depicts a man smoking, however, as he smokes, he is disappearing into smoke. The part in which he is disappearing is turning greyish-black, which show how he is being burnt even as he lights the cigarette and starts smoking, which show how smoking can burn you from the inside and eventually kill you.


There are two sides of the person who is smoking, the normal, skin-colour side and the greyish ash side. This shows the contrast in which the person is slowly transforming from a normal person into a person addicted to smoking and is dying because of it. The background of the poster is black, which is a negative colour and shows the harm smoking can bring you.


The are not many words on this poster. Only the words “you fade away with every puff” can be found, which shows that smoking will gradually cause death, as life will gradually fade away. This also fits into the context of smoking fading away after time, which says that both the smoke and the life will fade away. 

Typographical Features

In the words “you fade away with every puff”, the words “every puff” is faded which adds even more emphasis on the fact that life will fade away with smoking. The font is also bolded, which creates a bigger impact.


The image of the man smoking is put in the middle of the poster which guides readers to which part to look at first. Normally, people will look at any picture first, as such is the human instinct not to look at words, much less a picture in the middle. When they see how much the smoking man is enjoying himself, non-smokers will be horrified and will not start smoking. Then, people will look to the next eye-drawing feature of the poster, the words “you fade away with every puff”. When smokers see how they must have looked when smoking, and see that they will die earlier due to their compulsive habit, they might stop smoking or at least try to stop.


  • Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to stop smokers from smoking and also to discourage non-smokers from smoking. 
  • Audience: The general public, but especially smokers.
  • Context: Since smokers are commonly seen smoking in public, they will see the poster, which will stop them from smoking as they will see the health implications such as lung cancer, and will stop smoking. Also, non-smokers will also know that lung cancer is caused by smoking, and will not smoke.
  • Culture: Seeing drifts of smoke is commonly linked with smoking, thus it fits the culture that people will fade away into smoke, which is what is produced, with every puff.

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