Friday, 8 April 2016

Faqih's Poster Analysis

This picture shows a motionless hand with a capsule of drugs that is open beside it. 

The goal of this poster is to discourage people from consuming drugs and those who consume drugs to stop consuming. 

The hand and the capsule of narcotics besides the hand are the focus of the poster. The motionless hand that is on the floor shows that someone is dead. The only clue is the opened capsule that has drugs rolling out of the capsule. The bolded words "ONE LITTLE THING LEADS TO THE NEXT" means that even though someone consumed the drug just by a little bit, he or she is dead after that. This poster wants to tell the reader that consuming drugs will cause death. 

The phrase "ONE LITTLE THING LEADS TO THE NEXT" allows readers to know that everything has consequences, In this case, trying just one pill of the drug can cause death because drugs are addictive time and an overdose of it will kill. 

Typographical Features
The phrase "ONE LITTLE THING LEADS TO THE NEXT" is typed out huge, capitalised, bolded and red in colour attracts public who came across the poster to read the message.

The words and the pills are red. This creates contrast so that readers could catch what's going on in the picture very easily. As a result, they could understand within a few seconds.

The audience of the poster are teenagers who think that consuming drugs are really cool.

The poster will remind the readers how dangerous drugs can be.

The poster has a hand and the drugs that are rolling of the capsule. People can infer that someone is dead after consuming drugs and thus, drugs are dangerous.

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