Friday, 22 April 2016

Creative Writing Task 5 (Raena)

Dear Celine,
There is nothing to write about right now. I am sitting at my desk, watching the fan spin around as it throws dust particles all over the room. The fan spins round and round, like a windmill in Holland. It makes me feel relaxed, like I am on a well-deserved holiday in a lovely, windy country.

Everything at home is boring except my baby sister deciding that my essay would be the perfect canvas for her masterpiece. My 800-word essay, consisting of only boring blue words on boring white paper, was turned into a brilliant spectrum of colours. I could barely see my story underneath her better, much more colourful version. I felt frustrated. I had spent an hour on the essay, and it only took her minutes to make it look better. However, I could not help but to feel a sense of pride. It was truly a work of art. She might be an art prodigy.

I haven't been doing much except for my ADMT project. We were supposed to design and make a package with regards to Chinese New Year. I decided to make a box with paper cut designs on my packaging. I had spent countless nights carefully cutting the intricate flower designs. I painted it pink, orange and yellow. I was quite proud of my final packaging design, but not quite pleased with the total hours I had spent on it.

I hope that you can write back soon. It's fun catch up with friends the same way our previous generations did.

Your friend,
Raena Low

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