Friday, 8 April 2016

Analysis of a Poster

This poster has quote inside that is from John webster.The full quote goes like this,"Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, like diamonds we are cut with our own dust".

Image: There is a Diamond depicted in this image but at the bottom there seems to be in the form of a drop of blood dripping from the diamond.This supports the quote in the poster as the quotes' meaning is that the reason we all fall in the end is due to our own ambition,Blood or lust.

Colors:The image has a lot of dark colors inside like black and grey.The diamond is formed by white lines and a dark inside giving a contrast to the dark background.This is a representation that when man looks at his reflection ,all he sees is the purity of him and that he is unable to see his own flaws.However ,others around him also have  flaws and they also believe that they are perfect.Thus, every single one of them cannot see their flaws when compared to others.

Words: There are not many words in this poster.The only words here are "like diamonds we are cut with our own dust".This makes the poster simple but gives it a deeper meaning.Diamonds are the hardest materials on the planet which means that diamonds can only be cut by themselves.This being compared with man says that only man can be the cause of the fall of man.

Typographical features:The letters are in italics which gives the poster a proffesional meaning.

Layout:The diamon is the main image in the poster so people will defintely notice it first and then the drop of blood.

Purpose:To show that everyone has flaws.
Audience :Everyone that has flaws.
Context:It makes people try to improve them
Culture: You can always improve yourself

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