Thursday, 21 April 2016

Creative writing task 5 (Rae)

Dear Vanessa
   There’s nothing to write about except the torn tablecloth I have in sight. It has been the glass table’s companion for several years, which explains how yellow it had turned and the torns and stains. How much I wish I could have it changed, my parents wouldn’t bear to have it thrown as it was a gift from my uncle and was made of good quality. But haven’t they heard of the phrase ; if the old don’t go, the new won’t come?

  Everything at home is boring except what happened yesterday, when my little brother accidentally hit a vase on the table which caused it to shatter, “haizz…” How many times did I tell him not to run around the house? And in the end, I got blamed for not looking after him, how innocent I was.

 I haven’t been doing much except having to do planking during Sports & Wellness lesson. We had toturous physical training the whole lesson. I don’t see the point in doing all this because all it does is to cause my limbs to hurt so bad. And all of us were panting so heavily and sweating until a whole sheet of sweat had formed at our backs.

My life is boring and tiring, hopefully yours is better. Goodbye!

Your friend,


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