Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Creative Writing Task 4(Khrisha)

     After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see the fallen trees lying on the floor without even one standing and all the yards brown without a single grass left after the violent black storm.
     The green yards  glittered with tiny droplets of water on the short green grass. The trees stood towering above me as tall as before with its majestic looks.
     The songs sang by the birds filled my ears as they stood firmly on the branches of the trees. The voices of chatter sounded as I strolled along the path filled with tiny little puddles reflecting my face as I walk by. The doors opening and showing the scene inside was seen. The curtains gathered at the sides as tiny little eyes of the children peeked out. The sounds of the horns honking started echoing across the streets. The black smoke from the burning of fires gathered around the chimneys. The sun reflected its yellow rays across the streets. The dogs barked in hunger as the fur was like stick showing its peach skin as the rain drenched the dogs. The sound of shrieking alarms were heard all around the place. The smell of fresh air entered my nostrils giving me a calm and peaceful feeling making my heart relax. The droplets dripped down my body here and there as I walked past.
     The silent trees gave me a feeling of me like a culprit roaming around for treasure.

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