Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Faqih CW 5

Dear Sarrah,

         There's nothing to write about except the itch in my ear. It's so unbearable. I think my ears are sick of listening to the boring conversations my friends were telling me. I think I need a break, listening to a music genre we both love to hear or your voice that I missed a lot.

         Everything at home is boring except hearing from my new Bluetooth headphone that I just bought from Ebay. Before i got it, I was really impatient. I can't even sleep and I thought that it would take forever to come. However, I eventually received it as if I was a king that was given a diamond crown.

         I haven't been doing much except playing with my two adorable hamsters. They are somewhat a toy that I can play with when I am bored. When they are on the floor without a cage, they will chase each other. They remind me of you. I feel so lonely.

         Maybe that is it.  Hope you could send me and email about your life. I wish I could meet you again!


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