Friday, 8 April 2016

Chin Siang's Poster Analysis

This picture shows a cigarette slowly burning off.The measurements beside the cigarette indicate it is getting shorter and shorter as time passes by.

The are simple colours in this picture.Only the colour of a burning cigarette tip and the colour of the cigarette itself is more pronounced.

There is are measurements beside the cigarette and the words 'how long can you live'.The owners and original creators of this poster are on the bottom of the picture too.

Only five words can be seen, 'how long can you live',  beside the burning cigarette.This shows that as the cigarette burns away, so does your life.

Typographical Features:
The five words get bigger as it goes down the length of the cigarette.This helps catch the reader's attention and he or she will be more drawn towards the words 'you' and 'live' as they are bigger.

To spread awareness that smoking can send you to your grave earlier.

People who smoke and do not know the consequences.

It allows smokers to have an idea of what smoking does to them.

The measurements, the burning cigarette accompanied with the five words tells people that smoking shortens one's life.

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