Thursday, 21 April 2016

CW Task 4( Chloe)

    After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see what kind of destructive damage the nasty and hideous storm had caused. I expected the giant panel opposite my house to be overflowing with brown and murky water. I expected the roadside to be flooded with deep, muddy water.
    When I opened the door, the first thing that greeted me was sunlight. It was bright and shining, like it was smiling at me. The birds were chirping and singing their usual morning tunes, just happier than usual. The leaves on the trees were floating gently in the soft and slow breeze.

    As I stepped into the unexpected calm scene, I heard the crying of a baby waking from his sleep as well as the clanking of plates and cutlery. Someone was preparing breakfast. I heard the chattering of the old men sitting on the park bench, showing off their pet birds. I recognised the fragrant smell of toast and egg. I also heard the sizzling of a frying pan.

   Not wanting to be mistaken for a thief, I tucked my hands into my pocket and snuck back home.

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