Sunday, 10 April 2016

Visual Text Analysis

Image: This poster shows a forest shaped like lungs. Part of the forest has been cleared.
Colour: This picture is mainly green, to show that there is still land that needs to be saved. However, in the lung-shaped forest, brown is used to show the cleared area. This shows that deforestation is like a disease that ruins the forest, as well as our health.
Words: This image contains a phrase at the bottom, saying “Before it’s too late.” I think that it is trying to inform the audience to realise that deforestation affects us and to do something about it before all our forests are cleared.
Typographical Features: The words are small and at the bottom. I think that it’s because the picture says more than what their words can express.
Layout: The main focus is on the forest. It shows that deforestation will in turn affect us and our health. It also shows more green areas in the background to say that we can still save the world.

Purpose: The purpose is to raise awareness of deforestation.
Audience: The audience is everyone, as everyone indirectly encourages deforestation and deforestation affects everyone.
Context: Deforestation affects the world and us.
Culture: Deforestation is a common and growing issue.

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