Saturday, 9 April 2016

Visual Text ( Chin Ray)


Image: This picture shows a fish swimming inside a typical Mcdonald's Filet-0-Fish burger.

Layout: A large Filet-O-Fish burger is situated at the centre of the picture with a fish swimming in it. Therefore, it would be the first thing a person would see when looking at this poster.

Colour: The picture is mostly filled with colour blue, as the colour blue is usually linked to the sea and ocean, therefore, McDonald's is trying to convince the customers that their fishes in the burger are fresh and caught from the sea. Blue is only known to mean trust and loyalty, therefore, it can get hold of the customers trust them not to add any other products to the burger.

Words: The only words used here is the name of the burger. However, its image tell a thousand words.

Typographic features: The word are in medium size and the font used is very formal thus trying to inform the customers that their burgers are very sleek, fancy.

Purpose: They are trying to convince people to dine in their fast food restaurant and order a Filet-O-Fish burger.
Audience: Mostly the general public, people who want a quick but tasty meal.
Context: Trying to convey the message that the fish used in the burger are very fresh and are caught straight from the sea. The context would be in the fast food industry and hungry people wanting to find a meal.
Culture: Since the fast food industry is a very competitive place, companies have to come up with new and creative ways to introduce new products or promote their existing products,therefore they McDonald's came up with this poster, informing the public that the food they serve are very fresh.

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