Friday, 22 April 2016

Goh Cheng Yang CW 5

Dear Gaigy,

                   There's nothing to write about. I am currently sitting on a chair, my computer, file, and stationery spread out on my wooden table. A fly just flew and landed on my table. It is small, black-brownish and it looks weird, like a small centipede with wings. I can't do anything to chase it away, since I have so many things on my table. I tried to flick it away, and luckily, it just flew away on its own. I was disgusted, but relieved when it left. When it flew, it resembled a tiny black tangle of string floating around. I wonder, was it a new species? I have never seen this type of fly before.

                   Everything at home is boring except finding a door I didn't know existed. I was walking in the kitchen, my hand on the wall as I walked. I heard a click as I hit a corner of the wall. Then, I saw the door open. It was just big enough for a rabbit. I caught a whiff of beans, meat and flour. I stuck my hand in, and felt something slimy. I immediately pulled my hand out, shut the door and washed my hand. I am never going to stick my hand in any unknown hole ever again.

                     I haven't been doing much except learning about health science and training for Napfa! I got most of the questions right (which no one else knows) in health science. We also did planks and invisible chair for our physical training. My belly still hurts from yesterday's planks! Even though I suffered, I still feel proud that I managed to get past this obstacle in life. I also feel proud to know so much in health science that others don't. How I wish I can always feel like the best!

                      This is all I can think of to write to you. And please write to me too! It's always good to receive letters when life is so boring.

Your friend,
Cheng Yang

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