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Science Fiction Story Alternative Assessment

               The "Help box" laid before them with paper drooling from the sides. The group of scientists Andy, Joshua and John, set up the "Help box" outside their laboratory for the people to drop their requests to solve their problems. Seeing the box overflowing, they told themselves,"There is nothing to worry, the village is alright,". John, the leader of the group, stepped forward and rooted himself to the ground and started reading the letters one by one. Time flew by; he had finished reading. With a hesitant voice, he announced that all the letters were with the same request.
              Clinching one of the letters, they rushed to the laboratory. As they entered, the light started brightening up the glaring their eyes for a moment. The smell of the chemicals entered their nostrils as it filled the room. The sound of their steps echoed through the whole room. They settled around a round table and read the problem aloud again for ideas. "The rats are eating our plants our harvesting is disturbed by those. Please find a way to control them," one of the villagers had written. Instantly the started their research. Tapping on the keyboard and flipping the pages. In hours, they found out a way to control them. They began on their work. Joshua began working on the machine; Andy started creating the chemicals needed and John the daring went out to look for three rats. Finally after hours work, the material was ready. Slowly and carefully, John the brave one installed the machine in the rats to control them and Andy injected the chemical that was able to kill the other bitten rats. 
               They dashed to one of the farmer's fields to try the solution out. They let the rats out and made them bite the other rats. Everyone's faces were downcasted. The bitten rats were alive! Instead of the rats lying dead, the rats which were bitten continued their journey and went on biting the other rats and the humans around. Within minutes, the whole village was infected with a mysterious disease. Soon the cause was also found, the chemical reaction between the chemical injected and the rat's body caused the creation of the mysterious disease. The virus caused everyone infected to be infected to be paralysed. To put an end to the problem the scientists, with loud stomps reached their lab and the sound of test-tubes banging into each other could be heard. The sound of papers flipping was heard around the laboratory. The solution was found! A radioactive weapon was created by the scientists was able to kill the rats as well as cure the disease.
               They dashed to the village and activated their weapon. Soon after the weapon was used, people's joyous screams could be heard, and the decaying smell of the rats polluted the place. At every inch, lay a dead rat. The villages cleared the mess with the sighs of relief. The faces of the people in the village and the group of scientists enlightened with a gradient smile like a painter's new stroke of paint. 
             In days, the smell of healthy plants could be smelt with the sight of an enormous building with the words, "Science laboratory" with the settlement of the rat killers inside.

Khrisha Mayilsamy

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Muhammad Faqih Akmal 17 AA

         In an era a few billion years from now, the technology is so advanced that flying cars, humanoid robots and metallic roads are one the most common sights. Buildings are so tall above the clouds and at the same time deep down in the underground. Humans then will not run along the streets, not even walking because there will be self-driving seats.

          There are headquarters that lies all the masters of science. They could answer anything and even every question that was asked of them. Although all are masters, there are two heads of the world known as James and Alex. They are ready to help anyone's problems.

          While reading an article about the sun, Alex realised that the death of the sun is nearing. Both were in a state of panic. The sun would explode in 45 years. James then speak in through a nano microphone in his collar which will be broadcast around the world. He said calmly,” I have an important message to tell you.” he sighed and continued,” The sun that we see all day. The sun that gives us light, as well as warmth, will come to an end. In 45 years time, it will explode and the explosion might engulf the whole earth and melt us alive. I need your help to suggest a plan to save the earth. Thank you.”

           One by one suggestion come and every one of them was read and experimented but none seemed to be working. Alex was scratching his head with an annoyed face as this is a problem that he cannot solve. He asked the masters but to no avail. Then, he approached James,” James, did u have an idea?” James nodded and that gesture rise Alex’s curiosity,” How? Please tell me,”

          James explained to everyone that if a massive spacecraft comes close to earth with an angel, the spacecraft will be pulled by the earth, not too close to crash into the earth but to propel it even further into space. The earth will move towards the spacecraft by a bit thus moving it. This is called gravity assist. The spacecraft after propulsion would be sent back to earth and do the same thing. To increase productivity, James will send 1000 gigantic auto-driven spacecraft. Alex is so intrigued because the idea was ingenious. James sent. Everyone in the world hopes the plan works.

          44 years later, the earth is orbiting a dwarf star. It is slightly smaller that the sun but it did not make much of a difference. The whole world knew that they are saved from the sun. Humans cheered and celebrated. They were relieved for the fact that humanities will still continue. All of a sudden, a loud bang is heard from the sky. People were shocked but then, they realised a fist-sized star was exploding within their eyesight. It was such a magnificent scene. They knew without James; the human will be extinct.

          Everyone gave James a round of applause as glitters and rays of colourful lights were everywhere. Alex gives him a word of appreciation. This event will be in the history of mankind. All humans especially James and Alex shout harmoniously,” Humanities shall forever be in this universe!”

Nandanaa_English AA_Aliens' Revolution

Science Fiction Short Story
Name:Nandanaa Raju(6)
Word Count:550
Final Draft
“10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2….1!” the spacecraft landed on earth with massive force.Astronomer Allie came back home to Earth after a 13-month solo mission researching about aliens. She was pleased to see her beloved husband after such a long period, but little did they know that big shock awaited them.

After a few days, Allie was continually sick. Upon witnessing the sickening situation of Allie, her husband thought it was advisable to consult a doctor. During the visit to a physician, they were shocked to discover that Allie was pregnant despite the fact of her being infertile for years. Allie and her husband were bewildered upon knowing the truth. As it is a solo mission, it’s impossible for her to get pregnant.

The shocked couple were desperate to know the reason for pregnancy.With a lot of questions still unanswered in their heads, they went to consult a doctor. The couple explained detail to the doctor what had happened. Upon hearing the situation, the doctor himself was shocked to hear that. He suggested to visit him the next day to take a scan. With the disappointment that their questions were still unanswered, they went home.

They went to the doctor again. The scan was taken. After the scan, which seemed like an eternity, Allie returned to the consulting room. The reports of the scan arrived in a short while. Allie’s and her husband’s eyes were transfixed on the scan report. The doctor had read the scan for many times before the sweat glands started to produce sweat droplets. The fertilised egg developing in Allie’s womb does not seem to be a human egg. Instead, an alien’s egg! They could not abort the alien e.g. as abortion for alien egg has not been discovered yet.
Allie and her husband could not believe their ears. They got a shock of their life. They were desperate to find out the reasons for the pregnancy and get answers to all their unanswered questions.They decided to do further research on how she got pregnant with an alien egg, and what was the motive of the aliens to get a human pregnant with an alien's egg.

 After some time, the research was finally done! Even though they could find out how they found out about the motive of the aliens. The motive was to eliminate human species from the earth and conquer the whole of planet earth.That was why they planted an alien’s egg into Allie’s womb without her knowledge. As they knew, there is no way to abort an alien egg as abortion has only been found for human’s egg.
Tears brimmed up in Allie’s eyes.She broke down when she knew that she was going to be the reason for the humans’ extinction.They consulted the doctor again. The doctor said that there was no way other than to fear about the future or to kill Allie herself to prevent the alien egg from growing.

 Helpless Allie had to know another choice than to sacrifice herself for the earth’s well-being.  Sacrificing herself is better than to be selfish and let all the others die. With tears in her eyes and hopelessness on her face, she waved goodbye to her beloved husband and went away.

 Somebody: Allie
Wanted: Allie wanted human species to exist.
But: Allie was pregnant with an alien egg
Then: Allie could not abort the alien egg as abortion have not been found for an alien egg.
So: So, Allie has no other way then to sacrifice herself to save others

Sci-Fi story [Alya]

         Class: S104
         Tittle: The "Invasion" (checked)

          Screams of agony filled the air as mysterious figures crumbled to the ground of the City Hall. Alec’s light blue eyes could not endure what lay before him. He pulled up his hoodie as he jumped out of the shadows into the sun, covered - Alec was allergic to sunlight. He dashed to the commander.

           "Stop, please! You know the reason why they are here! They are not here for war like this!" Alec screamed over the chaos.

           In response to Alec, the Commander lifted his right hand up and there was silence. So sudden and eerie that it made the hair on Alec’s neck stand. He turned to look at the City Hall. It used to be a peaceful and beautiful place with bullets and ultraviolet protection (UV) protection, it was a huge hall, made for those like Alec who had sun allergy. Now it was a mess with bullets and blood.

            Alec sighed as the Commander ordered his men to stop attacking and allowed the aliens to stay. In the first place, the Commander started this war. Before anyone knew about the aliens, there were disappearances of belongings of people and weeks later, someone say a mysterious figure lurking near a cool surface, recorded it and it spread like wildfire. The scientists then discovered that Jace’s species of aliens were made out of water vapour and could only be seen when they touch a cooler surface. Moreover, during the war, to Alec’s surprise, the Commander created a weapon that is so cold that when it touch the aliens, they condensed and received the impact of the bullet.

         The reason the aliens came here was to gather resources so that they could improve the situation on Pluto - where they came from. Alec was relieved as the war passed faster than expected. But, something told him that it could not be this easy and the end is yet to come. He was not wrong.

          After a few weeks, the humans gained trust from the aliens. And today, there was a huge gathering involving all aliens. The aliens were told not to wear their protective gear that protects them from the sun. Alec found it fishy but due to the strong trust built between them and the commander, they listened.

          “It’s going according to plan, get ready,” the commander whispered.

           As he started his speech, the Commander’s crew got ready. In the midst of the speech, shrieking filled the air as Alec turned as white as a sheet of paper while feeling a burn on his skin. He did not realize that the roof of the hall was open. His eyes widened as he realized the Commander’s plan. Aliens were allergic to sunlight too! They rushed for shelter as Alec raced to the switch which moves the roof back to place.

         “On time,” he murmured as he glanced around; however, to his dismay, the aliens skin reaction was faster than his and all of them had crumbled to the ground in ashes. Laughter filled the hall as Alec walked away. He never thought this would happen. He lost a great friend.

         Defeated, he put his head in his hands and started sobbing. He did not bring peace between humans and aliens, he allowed the commander to win, right under his nose.

Chin Zhi Khang's Science Fiction Short Story

    “So, what are you going to do today?” Lucas asked Jack. They have been very close friends since Secondary School and are studying space exploration in University. 
    They decided to go to the library and found some books. They settled down and started on their books. 
    “Lucas, what do you think about going on a space expedition? I want to know how hot exactly Mercury is. You know me, I prefer to experience things in reality instead of doing research.” Jack asked. 
    Lucas nodded his head enthusiastically. “Of course I will go! I am always curious about the outer space. But for now, we shall focus on our studies and graduate from University first.”
   They found out that they would take about six years to reach Mercury from Earth, so they decided to set off as soon as possible. 
    Two weeks later, they had gone through training to prepare themselves for the 

worst. They then got onto the spacecraft and took off.

    They have been told that it would take 8 minutes to get out of Earth’s atmosphere. 
    After travelling 22 million kilometres, they found out that they were left with only half their fuel left. “We may not be able to make it to Mercury, which is 56 million kilometres away.” the pilot announced. “We will have to stop on Venus to contact NASA and ask them to send a spacecraft to Venus to fetch us.” 
    They finally reached and landed. The pilot tried to contact NASA but the communication system has broken down. 
   Jack and Lucas decided to explore the planet. They had been walking for 15 minutes when they spotted a building in their sight. “Look! I think that is a greenhouse!” Lucas pointed out. 
     “We found out that there was plenty of carbon dioxide on Venus, so we brought some potatoes to try it out,”  Jim, who was in the greenhouse, explained, after introducing himself and his partner, Harry, who are both botanists.
    Lucas asked, “I learnt a method to change food into fuel for the spaceship. May we use some of your potatoes to turn them into fuel to go back?”
    “Absolutely not! Without food, we may not survive and will not be able to announce our discovery to the people on Earth,” Harry explained.
    “Don’t worry about that. Once we get back to Earth, we will tell everyone about your amazing discovery,” Jack said to him, hoping that he would change his mind.
    “Alright then, but you have to learn the basics of planting crops,” Jim told them.
    After two years, they finally managed to grow enough resources to turn into fuel for their spaceship. 
    “Thank you for helping us to grow crops and letting us use it,” Jack told them.
    “No problem,” Harry replied.
    Subsequently, they proceeded onto the spacecraft and were on their way back to Earth. As soon as they reached, reporters were all over the place and were trying to interview them.
    “Although we did not manage to measure the temperature on Mercury, we did measure the temperature of Venus, and it is about 467 degrees Celsius. That is hotter than Mercury’s average temperature!” Jack told the reporters.
    Both of them went back home, learning that crops grow better on Venus than on Earth because of the abundance of carbon dioxide.
    Chin Zhi Khang (8)
    Word Count: 549

Alternative Assessment 1 Goh Ray Wehn

Goh Ray Wehn

Sec 1 Alternative Assessment

         A plethora of planets is scattered throughout the universe, dotting the sky with what seems like fireflies. Man has discovered plenty of these wonderful and mysterious planets, but one of them stands out of them all, Quintessa. This planet looked similar to Earth. But what shocked astronomers was that the planet looked like it contained water! Out of curiosity, National Space Agency (NSA) sent a four-man team of trained and experienced astronauts to Quintessa to explore the planet. But upon landing on Quintessa, the team had lost contact with the Control Centre and was no longer heard of again. 
        Everyone at the NSA was dumbfounded that the astronauts were lost. NSA could not allow the astronauts to remain missing and resolved to send their top team of astronauts,  Joe Bradley, Chase Peterson, and Gwen Watson there to investigate and retrieve the missing team. Was sending another team a bad move? What is going to happen to them?
         Finally, the day had come. “3! 2! 1! LAUNCH OFF!” The newly-built space shuttle launched off. The thrusters propelled the shuttle sky high and lifted the astronauts spirit to cloud nine as they were going back to the boundless three-dimensional extent, space. The newly-built space shuttle was the fastest shuttle ever built. It could travel up to speeds of 72,000 kilometres per hour. The shuttle dodged asteroids, sped past planets, and soon it reached Quintessa.
        The shuttle landed. Joe, Chase and Gwen came out of the shuttle. “Guys, let’s look for the missing team,” Chase instructed the team. “Alright, but if they were around, we should be able to find them by now since we were told that they landed somewhere around here,” replied Gwen as she glanced left and right. “Guys! I found their ship!” Joe exclaimed as he pointed to a small space shuttle not far away.  Joe was physically fit and found his way around the low gravity and became used to it, while the rest were still adapting to the new environment.

        The astronauts leaped towards to space shuttle, using the low gravity to their advantage. They found out that the space ship was damaged and the communications device was torn out. Suddenly,  Joe stepped on something.  Joe looked down to his foot but was aghast to find that it was the corpse of one of the missing astronauts. The other two astronauts found the dead body of the other three missing astronauts. Chase inspected the bodies and found bite marks on each of them. Just then, a swarm of weird-looking beetles climbed out from underneath the rocks and crawled towards the three astronauts. Guessing that it must have been the beetles that have killed the other astronauts,  Joe, Chase and Gwen leaped back to their space shuttle as fast as they could. The beetles were fast crawlers but could not catch up to the astronauts.  Joe, Chase and Gwen started the engine of the shuttle and took off back home. Discovering the existence of a new alien beetle was enough excitement for them for that day. They did not want to have the same outcome as the “no longer missing” astronauts.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Science Fiction-Gravity


“Welcome to the news on five, 27 December 1032571. Have you noticed the recent increase in temperature? In fact, if you exited your personal transporter, your temperature sensor would beep a warning. Scientists doing research have discovered that increased weight on Venus and Mercury have increased their gravity, pulling Earth towards them and the Sun. This is due to Newton’s law of universal gravity — the more the mass of an object, the more the gravity. So, what are we to do? Well, the president of the International Space Agency said that they are planning to send shuttles to push Earth away from the Sun. Also, we need the help of all scientists in related fields.
“Off,” Percy, a short, intelligent, scaredy-cat, commanded, turning off the holographic television. “Inbox,” he continued. “You are required to go on the trip to save Earth. Please get the insurance needed. Legal action will be taken against those who opt out.” Reading the horrifying email, his pimply face turned white, and his heart sank to his feet. His fear of death begged him not to go, but deep in his heart, he knew that he had to. For the sake of the world, as he knew it.
After the draining 4-month space camp filled with medical tests, low gravity training and fitness training, the day of the takeoff loomed.
“5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Takeoff!” the announcer blared deafeningly. Experienced astronauts and scientist alike gripped their plush seats until their knuckles turned white as the, though modern, rattling shuttle took off. Percy breathed the metallic air in short gasps, and when the soft, furry seat belts were released, flailing limbs filled the spacious, zero gravity shuttle. 
When Percy floated near a familiar face, he let out a cry of surprise. “Jack! You're here!” Percy and Jack were best friends, and Percy felt relieved to have both an experienced astronaut and a good friend in one person. 
As they blasted away from Earth to gain run-up, Percy chatted happily with Jack, a tall, muscular person, glad to destress. But as they caught up on each other’s life, Percy noticed, out of the corner of his eye, that Venus was too close for comfort. As the metal-covered planet grew larger rapidly, Percy was speechless. The dehumidifiers for his gloves were working at full power. “Fuel leakage,” the computer announced. Everyone looked at one another in dismay. Who would go out to fix it? No one dared to volunteer lest they lost their lives in the process. 
Deciding to face his fear of death, Percy said shakily, “I’ll do it.”
“No need for that!” someone suddenly croaked, “Just use Newton’s third law which states that there is always an opposite force for every force applied. Once a fuel capsule is empty, release it. Doing so will propel the ship in the opposite direction.” All the shuttles’ computer carried out the instructions immediately. As thousands of rockets zoomed towards Earth, metal claws extended out to push Earth.
The force of 350 shuttles pushed Earth successfully. After successfully completing the 10-day mission, the team could finally return home. Landing, they were greeted by a deafening roar from a crowd. Percy, having faced his fear and saved the world, let out a loud cheer himself, relieved.
Gabriel Yap (10)

Goh Cheng Yang_11_English AA science fiction short story____The Mutant

Goh Cheng Yang
Alternative Assessment Science fiction
The Mutant (Final)

    It was the year 2022. Jordan, a tall, handsome, fit, smart, single, young man, was rushed to the hospital. He had developed cancerous cells and was in stage 5. Too bad Science had not developed a cure for cancer, unlike we predicted so eight years ago.

    “It’s too late,” The doctor shook his head, “He’s not going to survive.”
    Upon hearing this, his parents, wrinkled and a foot in the grave, usually cheerful like him, bawled. Jordan had never seen his parents like that. Tears and mucus spilled out of their eyes and noses, and they held on to Jordan’s hands, pleading with God for mercy.

    A month later, Jordan was up and about, as if the incident had never happened. He survived cancer. The familiar smell of antiseptic was finally relieved from his nose! The selfish doctors refused to give him treatment as they were convinced he was not going to survive and did not want to waste money on treatment. However, they were wrong - Jordan survived cancer - without treatment! The once weak and pale Jordan transformed into a ball of energy once again! No one had survived cancer without treatment, until that day. The doctors were baffled, but no one was willing to research on how Jordan survived. Probably because Jordan killed two scientists without a clue as to how - he did not murder them. However, both scientists were careless - they were inadequately dressed in properly sanitized attire, and no one noticed that fact. Other scientists didn't find out how they died.

    One month... two months... three months, passed. Half the city was dying. They had been infected - by the now infamous cancer ‘virus’. Pathologists conducted a series of autopsies on the dead victims of cancer ‘virus’. Then, they did research on Jordan. They knew he had a part in this. One test after another, Jordan was experimented on. Needles prodded him, drawing blood out, scans were conducted, heartbeat sensors were attached and tubes protruded out of him. Jordan was hurt over and over again, but after all, who caused this? Finally, the test results were put together. Jordan had been carrying the cancer cells, which almost killed him (but he survived by a mutation in which his body became immune to cancer) and had been ‘spreading’ it unknowingly. The cells mutated, too, becoming virus-like. With just a slight touch, it can ‘spread’, infecting others.

    The outbreak had to be stopped before it becomes a full-fledged epidemic. The government isolated the state from the rest of the country. Dead people were disposed of properly so as to avoid spreading the cancer cells again. Soon after, fortunately, a cure was found - Jordan’s DNA. Since Jordan 'mutated' to survive the cells, By injecting the mutated DNA into patients, they can live. This cure was used for common cancer too, and it was a type of vaccine to stop cancer from developing. That cure could last for at least a decade.

    Even though Jordan caused this, it could have happened to any other person in another part of the world. Thankfully Jordan, now a hero too, mutated - if the incident happened to someone else, he might not have mutated, causing a worldwide epidemic.The cure saved the state, country, or maybe even the world.

Hong Wei Science Fiction Short Story

Title: The War Between the Eye and the Cube

 “Look at this! Viral videos of the brotherhood of the Illuminati is real!” Rocket, a middle-aged professor in symbolism, had brown hair and bushy eyebrows, talked to his best student in the University library. “That’s as ridiculous as Norse Gods of Asgard!” A young and bright man, Quill, ridiculed.

    Weird-looking people filled the streets, from two different armies, seemed to be at war. They also killed anyone strolling the streets. Flags flew everywhere. Rocket and Quill looked out the window and could recognise the two symbols anywhere. An eye in a triangle, the symbol of the Illuminati. The bright blue cube, the Tesseract, treasure and symbol of Asgard.

    In all broadcasting televisions, appeared the same thing. The representative of the Illuminati, and the other half Odin. The representative said, “For years Vikings believed in Asgard, slaying the Illuminati as we wanted to prove Science was God. Now we want revenge!” Odin just replied, “So be it.”

    An hour ago in another planet, Illuminatus, the last Viking was slain. the Gods had enough, as they witnessed the scene from another planet, Asgard.

    Screaming and fear filled the air. All was shocked that the outsiders killed everyone. Rocket and Quill went to their hideout. The superior weapons could kill without spilling blood. They equipped themselves and went out. Rocket had said, “if we do get separated, let’s meet back here.”

    The bloody corpses on the ground were gruesome while they travelled along. They met the Illuminati soldiers. They wore heavy armour, with guns in their hands. Rocket and Quill fired all their weapons. The soldiers were either blasted out of existence, shot to a different universe or flung to the other end of Earth. The Asgardians soldiers also wore equally heavy armour; however with melee weapons. The Gods hardly came to battle; they commanded the army instead.

    News of Rocket and Quill’s rebellion reached the rulers of both planets. They were to find and capture them. They both destroyed half of Earth, just to find them. Finally they were separated. Rocket was taken by Illuminatus while Quill was snatched up by Asgardians.

    Quill used the teleporter device to get away. Rocket rampaged through all of them. Meeting up again, they saw how both sides came to Earth, by wormhole made by two wormhole machines which they both owned. With wormholes, if you need to take one hundred days to go to a place, it can be greatly shortened to maybe a day! Rocket and Quill managed to destroy both wormhole machines by shooting through the wormhole. They then rounded up both parties together and held them hostage.

    There were two things that both groups had in common, they both had loyalty and brotherhood. The rulers of both planets surrendered. They were sent back and not allowed to come back. There was a celebration for Rocket and Quill by the survivors. They both knew, after this event, all the planets knew that Earth was not one to trifle with.

Word Count: 498

Somebody: Rocket and Quill
Wanted: To defend Earth against a war
But: They got captured by two different parties
Then:They used their gadgets to get away

So: They managed to save Earth

Rishi English AA The time traveller.

 AA science fiction final draft
Name: Rishi
Class: S1-04
Register Number: 21
Title: The time traveller
Draft 5

    Time, An endless river that will always flow in one direction. Well, that's what most of us think. But there was a man who thought different. He thought that time was the fourth dimension together with height, length and breadth.A spacecraft moving at 99.5% of the speed of light goes at about ten times the speed of normal time.For example, if you left earth at 2015 and was travelling at 99.5% the speed of light for five years when you return it will be 2055.
    On that fateful night on the 3rd of July, the time traveller sat in his quaint little workshop on the edge of a forest, hammering away at a strange piece of glowing rock. ''Knock, Knock'', the door sounded as if someone was knocking and a young man of about 25 years came in. He had a little moustache and a hook-like nose. He came in and sat down on a chair and keenly observed the time traveller. The time traveller also known as Joseph Martin put in the piece of rock that he had chiselled out into a cube of some sorts with gears everywhere inside it. Joseph then asked his close friend to have a drink of water.The companion then asked Joseph what he had just built.
    Joseph then replied that it was a prototype of a time machine. The companion of Joseph was utterly shocked. His mind reeled from the blow it just had. He started blurting out different ways of using the time machine to get rich using the time machine to which Joseph replied forcefully with a no. He then explained that it was extremely dangerous as it could change the future drastically. The companion nods his head in compliance but in his heart was thinking of different ways of exploiting it. Joseph and the companion both get started on the actual time machine which could fit two people inside it.
    Soon the machine was built. The two hopped into the machine and went back to the past. The years flew by as the machine stood still but the world around it morphed and the travelers felt awestruck shook and rumbled on the river of time.Soon enough they were at the first of September, 1939, the fateful day on which world war 2 began.
    Suddenly, a gunshot sounded. The companion stepped out of the machine and called Joseph who did not respond. The companion frantically tried to wake the Joseph in futility. The companion then checked the Joseph’s pulse. To his shock, there was none. Joseph was dead. There was a severe bullet wound in his chest. The companion then realised that a soldier killed Joseph.
    The companion spent a month stopping the war and then returned to the future. To his horror, the future is without any inventions such as the refrigerator and the radio. After a few moments of pondering, he realises that stopping the war had led to many inventions not being invented yet.
     Soon the companion goes back to the past and begins the war that will signify the death of millions. After making history, the companion returns to the future at 2020 which is now normal. He then goes back to his wife saying ''welcome home Adolf Hitler''.

     Word Count (550)

Somebody: Hitler
Wanted: To stop world war 2
But: No inventions in future
Then: Hitler started world war 2
So: Future is now normal

Yew Chin Siang-The Mutation

Clemmy was rushing to the vet, sprinting like a cheetah chasing a gazelle.She was a famous

Scientist, an expert in genetics, who achieved multiple awards.Clemmy held the pregnant rabbit

close to her, making sure not to drop it.When she arrived, the vet immediately attended to her

rabbit, as if knowing the rabbit was pregnant.

 Two hours later, Clemmy was welcomed with a surprise when the vet walked out with two

adorable baby rabbits.Clemmy grinned like Chesire Cat, lapping a bowl of milk.Adrenaline

coursed through Clemmy’s veins and she thanked the vet before skipping home, elated, with

the rabbits.

 Clemmy had already prepared the cages in advance, and she put them in carefully.She then

took great care of them for about two months, monitoring them every day, making sure they

were healthy and hygienic..When the rabbits could start eating vegetables, Clemmy fed the

three rabbits each a carrot.After five minutes, one of the rabbits already finished eating the

carrot while the others were still nibbling on it.Clemmy ignored it as she thought it was just


 After another two months, the rabbit which wolfed down the carrot was almost twice the size of

the other young.Clemmy grew a little suspicious, so she grabbed a syringe and took a blood

sample from it.Just as she turned her head around, the rabbit grew to the size of an elephant

and roared.The second Clemmy saw it, she was so startled she almost screamed like a

banshee.Like an Olympic gold medalist, she made a dash for her laboratory.

 Clemmy then instantly started researching.An hour later, she came out with an antidote and

also, a flask containing a modified version of the mutation blood sample.She found out that the

mutated rabbit's DNA was damaged by some unknown virus, causing an alteration of the

nucleotide sequence of the genome of the rabbit.In layman’s terms, it means that the rabbits

cells failed to copy DNA from the rabbit’s mother.

So she took the blood sample and added certain chemicals that could eliminate the virus and

added a few enhancing chemicals so that when injected, the rabbit would be tamed and not


 She went to the other rabbit.She asked the rabbit as if it could understand her:”You’re gonna

help me ok?Let’s get your sibling back!”

 She poured the liquid over it and it grew rapidly, destroying the cage instantly.Clemmy then

guided it towards town, where the mutated sibling should be wrecking.

 Clemmy almost fainted when she saw the town's condition. Chaos and pandemonium

struck.People were running around like headless chickens as the mutated rabbit decimated the

city.Clemmy then commanded her newly mutated rabbit, and the two rabbits roared at each

other before they started ‘wrestling'.


 Before things got any worse, Clemmy flung the flask with all her strength and it splashed onto

both rabbits.They then started shrinking before becoming the innocent rabbits they used to

be.The antidote was designed to make the rabbits immune to other such genetic viruses, so

Clemmy heaved a sigh of relief.

  Although Clemmy had to pay for the damages, she still believed that she had been lucky as no

one got killed and her rabbits are safe and sound.

Volcano Fighters by Goh Chin Ray

It was the year 2020.The blaring alarm greeted Thomas, Samson and the rest of the team as an announcement rang out, stating that there was an increase in the number of tremors in and around Mount Krakatoa. Something was causing them and it might be the volcano building up to blow. It also warned the team to be extra cautious as Mount Krakatoa was known to have sudden outburst of magma. Upon hearing the announcement, Thomas chuckled, being a seasoned veteran, he thought that they were just exaggerating the situation as he got himself ready for the mission.
After reaching there, Thomas then hastily attached the items to his suit and tapped his feet on the ground, grinning inwardly at the sight of the weak little young trainee, Samson, who was carefully adjusting the gear to perfection before attaching them to his thermal suit. To a young recruit like Samson, the job of being a Volcano Fighter was intense and exhilarating.
“ Guys we will do our usual plan, which we will mine down to the crust and release the gas pressure properly,” Thomas said, beaming with pride.Since volcanic eruption are caused primarily by the build-up of gases under the earth’s crust which is coupled with a chamber of molten rock, or magma, so by releasing the gas pressure beneath the earth’s crust in a controlled manner, it will stop the volcano from erupting.
The team then took out a gadget, which is created to mine through the thick layers of rocks in a matter of seconds. The moment they reached the crust, thick plumes of smoke which billowed from the lava and an eerie orange glow which lit up the surroundings greeted them, making it look like Hades’ lair.
Leading the way with his huge body,Thomas proceeded deeper, finding the perfect spot to let the gas pressure out. “ Here!” he snorted with a huge smirk on his face, right after saying that the first cough came, it was quickly followed by a second,  a tidal wave of realisation hit him as he felt smoke filled with Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Chloride and Hydrogen Fluoride invading his lungs, blocking his air passage. Shock and horror flickered in his eyes; something had gone dreadfully wrong with his gas mask. Thomas’ lungs burned for oxygen as he admonished himself for not checking his equipment, he was on the verge of fainting.
Samson, upon seeing what happen, dashed out and mined a small hole in that area to let the gas pressure come out, before hoisting Thomas over his shoulders and bolted towards the surface,  the rest who were at a loss for what to do,  simply followed behind Samson, without uttering a single word.
After a while, Thomas mind slowly started to clear up, and he gulped for the oxygen he desperately needed. It felt as though he had woken up from a long drunken stupor.Remorse overwhelmed Thomas, how could he belittle his job? “ Are you alright?” asked Samson. Thomas nodded quietly and said in a grave voice, “ Thank you, you’ve saved me from a dark place,” he reached out his hands and tugged one of Samson’s loose buttons, arranging it prim and proper before smiling at Samson with renewed sparkles in his eyes. This near-death incident had ignited the passion Thomas once had for his courageous job.

Somebody: Thomas and Samson
Wanted: To stop a volcano
But: Thomas fainted in the middle of the mission
Then: Samson dashed a hoisted Thomas and stopped the volcano

So: Samson saved the day

Creative Writing 3, Chin Ray

When I was a child, I well remember being at home, feeling utterly bored. It was then when I saw a shiny looking device on the floor; my curiosity was piqued as I headed forward to take a closer look. " This is the device that dad use to make himself look handsome!" I thought, with an impish grin. Casting furtive glances around my surroundings, I then used that device and shave it all over my face. " What are you doing?" a voice rang out, turning behind, a tidal wave of realisation hit me, I knew that I was done for. " Off to you bed!" mum barked with indignance. Looking at the sun, which was baking the ground without mercy, my legs went wobbly and my arms went weak as I knelt down and begged my mum. However, my efforts were futile, and mum's persistence got the better of me.
  Grumbling in vexed annoyance, I slowly made my way back to my room. I could only hear mu rubber soles squeaking against the wooden surface while I sulked miserably. Wearing my night clothing, as slow as possible to kill time, the sound of children laughter outside just built up my anger, "Why can't I have some fun?" I murmured, rolling my eyes in disgust
  "Where am I?" I thought, looking at my surroundings; all I saw was pitch black, with silence in the room screaming at me. It was then I felt a faint but distinct touch, instantaneously my arms I froze. Too tired to anything, I simply heaved a sign of relief as it tugged me in bed.
  Waking up next morning, I was puzzled with who was that thing or person last night, till this day this very question still haunts me.

The Trackers by Raena Low

Celine stayed up that night, thinking. Indie tired easily on Sundays. Was she sleeping well on Saturday nights?

Celine watched the old clock blink periodically. When she heard the footsteps at midnight, Celine could feel her heart beat faster, and saw her Tracker flash. Celine felt an overwhelming urge to check on Indie, so she walked out of her room. She saw Indie, walking out the door. Celine's Tracker blinked rapidly, warning Celine that her pulse was higher than usual. 

Indie walked into the small woods. People dared not to go inside, fearing what may lay inside, making it the perfect place for Indie and Dr. Jon to meet up. Every week, they researched how to remove the Trackers without causing death. The Trackers were small devices that the government put in everyone's arms, with tendrils that wrapped around the main artery. Trackers sent information about every person's heart rate and location via satellites. The government used it to maintain their position and peace in the city. They knew that anger could spark a rebellion. Knowing a person's location was necessary to hunt down anyone who could potentially rebel against them. The tendrils not only measured one's pulse but also ripped the main artery should anyone remove the Tracker, causing instant death. The survivors of the tsunami, which caused countries to fall one after the other like dominoes, were convinced to have Trackers on them and live in a city, which had the highest number of surviving buildings in one area.

Indie and Dr. Jon were oblivious to Celine's presence, who followed Indie into the woods. Celine pressed her fists into her eyes until she saw nothing but sparkles, hoping that what she saw was her imagination. When she removed her hands, the two were still there. She could not believe her daughter was with Dr. Jon, Head of Tracker Research and Development Department. Celine wondered what they were doing at midnight, when a large piece of paper with a drawing of a Tracker caught her eye. Suspicion grew inside her. Were they rebelling against the government? Convincing herself that Indie was innocent, Celine informed the police.

A man in a dark blue uniform and a stoic expression marched towards Celine. She pointed to the two that were crouched over the paper. The man walked to them and asked, "Indie Moon? Jon Viv?" Before Indie could comprehend anything, Dr. Jon stood to explain that Indie was innocent, as he forced her to take part in his plans. Without saying a word, the man took out a metal device and jabbed it into Dr. Jon's side. He fell to the ground and did not even wince. The man carried Dr. Jon away. Celine ran to Indie and held her in her arms afraid to let go. A tear rolled down Indie's cheek.Indie knitted her eyebrows together as she tried ti make sense of the figures on the paper. No one knew that she always had it. It had been weeks since Dr. Jon's arrest, since the government sent him into the inhabitable conditions of the outside world without any resources. He was as good as dead. Indie screamed and grabbed the flashing, beeping device in her arm. Tears streaming down her face, Indie pulled with her last bit of strength.

Creative Writing Task 3

When I was a child, I well remember dropping my sister's favourite cup. I thought I could hold three cups in one hand, but the shards of plastic on the ground proved my experiment was a failure. Hearing the crash, my mother rushed out of her room. Her loud voice could be heard from across the street as she yelled at me to go to bed. I could feel tears prick my eyes, threatening to spill out. I threw my arms around my mother, wailing and begging her no to make me stay in my room for a whole afternoon.
I looked out of the small window in my room, watching the cars drive in and out of the condominium. I wished I was in one of those cars, driving away from this torturous place. I slowly arranged everything on my bed, folding the blanket neatly and arranging the pillows to waste time. The pile of stuffed toys sat on my bedside table. There were dogs, cats, bears, tigers and many more. Eventually, I got bored and lay in bed, staring at the ceiling.
I woke up in the darkness. The sound of cars were more amplified. A line of moonlight found its way into my room. The door slowly opened. A small figure walked to my bed and climbed in. I felt a peace of mind and more sleepy. The figure lay down beside me and hugged my arm before I fell asleep again.
I woke again in the morning. The room was brightly lit. The mysterious being was gone, but a distinct smell stayed. I wondered who it was.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Eng AA_The accidental journey to Mars_Rae Kuan

Name : Rae
Class : S1-04

    For a long time, everyone were discussing if a spacecraft which could take human beings from the Earth to another planet would exist, in year 2028, one would.

     Sarah’s father was bringing her to a hangar, his workplace. When they reached, Sarah wandered off who was fascinated by the spacecraft. Climbing in, she looked at it’s incredible mechanisms.

         “Everything ready? Spacecraft ready to take off.” An announcement was made.

    Sarah was busy checking out the spacecraft that she did not hear the announcement.
     “Taking off. 3,2,1..”

     “There was something wrong earlier so i could not see the inside. There is a girl in there! Stop!”

     “My daughter, Sarah!” Her father exclaimed.

      However, it was already several hundred metres off the ground.

     “What’s happening?”  Sarah thought.
     “Can you contact Sarah?”
     “Sarah did not switch the radio on.”

   Sarah was in the spacecraft for a while, still soaring up, kilometres from the ground. Sarah knew something was wrong.

   “Anyone?” Sarah burst out, sweat dripping from her forehead.

   Soon, she could only see clouds. Sarah started feeling nauseous and soon fell asleep.  A night passed. After Sarah woke up, she found herself in space. She could find some liquid food, which she ate.

  A week passed. Then a month. Then almost 6 months.Every day was a nightmare.

 She suddenly saw some light.

  The place looked weird, it was anywhere but Earth. It had a yellow sky, without living things, and the whole area looked very dry. All there was was a land with aliens. When it landed, she walked out, petrified. The aliens looked at her, then started discussing in an alien language. Shaken, Sarah slowly walked.

   The aliens had a plan. The aliens tried to grab her. Before she could react, she was placed in a machine. The aliens were about to inject a substance, with a some others in their hands. Sarah had watched movies about aliens before, and suddenly struck to her that they might be using her as an experiment, a lot of chemicals were poisonous. Experimenting on her could kill her!

  She got up, trying to pour the chemicals away, and kicked the aliens. She ran, she hid… All this running and hiding had lasted for about 2 days , Sarah had no energy. It was then when she found something familiar. The spacecraft! Hope!

 No longer could she think, without second thoughts, she boarded it, pressed a few buttons and it took off.
  She randomly turned left. She was in space, without Mars in sight. She was weak, little food was left, and knew that going back to Earth was nearly impossible.About a month passed. Light was seen, she recognised the planet, Earth! Her cheeks flushed and she tried to make the spacecraft stop.

 The best thing was that she landed somewhere she was familiar with, her country, she was soon back at the hangar.

   “Sarah? You’re back!” everyone cheered.

    Everyone was so relieved knowing that Sarah had survived and she immediately gave her father a big hug.
    Sarah told everyone about her encounter and how she realised travelling to Mars could take just about a month. She was really lucky that she took this route otherwise she would probably have died.

  Though Sarah is the first human to travel to Mars, everything was still a nightmare.

Is there life on Mars? By Roshan

We have heard news of expeditions on whether there is life on Mars.
There was recent news that a university went to National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA)to study on Mars and found that there was liquid water coming from the ground. They used a high-powered telescope to retrieve this information.
Two NASA's astronauts were chosen to represent them in the journey to check whether there was life on Mars. They were put through vigorous training to overcome the gravity and other stuff in space. The two people's names were John Carrick and Chloe Pansino. John had curly hair and was very tall. She was very short with short hair. Both of them were supposed to fly the rocket as if only one person is driving it might be dangerous, and the rocket might get into some accident. John and Chloe went for their flight training and officially passed with flying colours.
The day of the rocket taking off comes, as well as the big
Expedition whether humans can live on Mars. They went into the rocket with pride. People who were surrounding the place were cheering once they saw John and Chloe walk out from the elevator and on the platform to the spaceship. People were paying respect to them. The journey to Mars begins here. John and Chloe both fire up the throttle of the rocket and were about to take off. The people outside were counting down and once it was one the rocket lifted off and flew at the speed of around 72000km/h. The NASA mission control was controlling the rocket until it reached the atmosphere. They had packed so much food that one of the extra carriages were holding only the food. To reach Mars, it takes around ten months to reach its closest point. They were out of the atmosphere and had to control the rocket by themselves. They had the auto-pilot mode where they could let the computer programme itself to reach the destination. NASA was always 24/7 intact with their two astronauts.

Ten months later, both Chloe and John reached Mars. NASA was seeing the whole thing and once the rocket landed, they all shouted: "Hooray the ship landed!" They landed the rocket on the red floor and started the rover's engine. They took a while to start the motor up as it was getting started after ten months. The rover started and both of them got on. One thing they did not realise was that the rocket was low on fuel. They returned after the search and came back to the rocket. When they took off, it stated little fuel.They released some carriages and it still indicated low fuel. They had no choice but to release the food carriage. They released it and somehow the fuel level increased.

They reached the Earth's atmosphere after ten months NASA took control and the rocket ship landed in the North Pacific Ocean. Both of them rushed out swam to the shore and reached NASA's place. They revealed that there was life on Mars but still not fully suitable for a man to live on.  Next NASA might send other astronauts to live there for a while to see whether there is more life on Mars.

  Name: Sim Hng Kang
    Class: S1-04
       AA Science fiction short story

An icy cold chill went down John’s spine. He could hear loud ear-piercing sirens everywhere. Leading a team of twenty, they soon spotted the mysterious “creature”.

      The “creature” had four green, slimy legs, two bulky heads, eight slimy and sticky hands that each held a laser rifle gun equipped with special explosive bullets. John’s contingent stood rooted to the ground, clasping their hands over their mouth.
John questioned, “what do you want from the Navy?” “I don’t want any of your things. I came here to invade the planet Earth,” the alien explained ferociously. “But why the earth?”John protested. “Because you humans do too much harm to our world. I have to stop you before you ruin our world. Half of our world is covered in dark black choking smoke that makes us cough badly.” It explained, ”you produce the smoke from factories, and the smoke rose up to the neighbouring planets. Our planet is the closest to yours.”
       Without another word, it “flew” off. They marched through buildings of crushed debris. Suddenly, they ran into the creature again. But this time, it was not only itself. They had discovered the camp of the whole army. Stupefied, John kept his mouth shut tight. John and his team stayed down low, in order to not get spotted. There were also some strange circular-looking UFOs.

       The aliens carried some gigantic boxes into the UFOs. After that, some of the UFOs blasted off into space with some alien crew in it.

      Out of the blue, an alien spotted their hiding place. “Who are you?” the gigantic creature questioned as it grabbed them in one hand. Its body towered over them, staring daggers at John’s team with two big bulgy eyes. John’s courage melted away at the sight of it. At the sight of them not saying a word, the aliens threw them to their respective cages and kept them as prisoners.

John caught a glimpse of what is inside one of those boxes when he looked out of the cages. It was a factory that had been shrunk! John thought: why would they need to put a factory inside a box? The reason for their actions suddenly dawned on him. Thus, he began to think and think and thus thought of a brilliant idea.

    “Hey! Aliens, come over here! I need to tell you something!” John shouted at the top of his lungs. All the aliens gathered around his cage. “Why don’t we come to an agreement that we reduce the smoke that we produce?” John suggested, while looking at them with much hope. The aliens discussed the matter among themselves. The aliens thought that it was a good suggestion as if there were lesser smoke produced, they would not cough so badly anymore, and it was very reasonable.  “We agree to your deal,” one of the aliens replied. “We will sign a fifty-year contract with your presidents.” A few moments later, a contract was printed out.

    All the presidents were gathered to sign the contract. After the contract was signed, the aliens released all the prisoners and returned back to their planet. The alien invasion was finally over and every fifty years, our presidents would meet these creatures from another world...
(542 words)

Creative Task 3 by Goh Ray Wehn

     When I was a child, I well remember that I was using my bare hands to catch fish in my fish tank. But what was worse, was that I would hole the small fishes in my tiny hands, run across the living room, dripping water as I ran, and feed them to my pet turtle. When my mother saw the wet floor, “Go to your bed!” She shouted at me. I immediately lay on the floor and wiped the floor with my shirt. “ It’s dry!” I told my mother, but she only pointed to my room.

    I walked slowly to my room, dragging my feet across the floor, I entered my room, and closed the door shut. I was bored, really bored. I had nothing to do but sleep.

    I lay on my bed, starring at the blank wall, the more it somehow turned uglier. Then, I closed my eyes and slept. When I woke up, it was dark, I was thrown into darkness, my worst nightmare. Just then, I felt someone’s hand touching my hand. I was scared. I thought the possibilities of what could happened. My mind was blank, and I slept again.

   When I woke up, I looked around me, but saw no one. Who did the hand belong to? I never knew.


Name: Lucas Tan
Class: S1-04
3 Feb 2016
The Extinction (Final Draft)

    The year 2100. It was already 60 years into the future. The streets were all filled with litter and rubbish. Some cars were dented, others burnt. There were visible signs of a rampage. How long had they been hiding? What had happened? With the cloudless sky a dark shade of grey, it was as if they were in a barren wasteland. Billy and Bob looked around for any life, but to no avail. Billy was the bigger of the two, stronger but clumsy. Bob was weak but smarter than anyone else.

    They wondered how all human life had already been wiped out. It seemed nearly impossible that the virus was so powerful. Staring blankly into space, they sighed. They had been hiding in that bomb shelter for 30 years, and they had missed out on so much. They soon came to the realisation that it was most likely that except them, the human race had been wiped out.

    They found an article that was dated February 13, 2050. It talked about many people dying, and that the virus was unnatural, released by someone unknown. Billy and Bob were aware of the virus but were uncertain about the details. They decided to investigate who had caused the havoc.

    They decided to start looking into a nearby apartment. When Bob entered, he jumped. The whole room was filled with dirty skeletons. The smell hit them, and they both felt like throwing up. Eyeing them cautiously, Bob crept over to them. There seemed to be some gooey filth on it. It was green and slimy, sickening to the touch. They speculated that that was a solid form of the virus, but they still brought it for examination. After doing many tests, they concluded that it was indeed the virus. It was extremely contagious, because the cells multiplied even faster than cancer cells, and was a superbug. Therefore, it could not be cured by antibiotics.

    They decided to continue searching and eventually found a news article. In summary, it explained that Doctor Lee was the criminal who sent out the virus. He wanted to have control over the world. He intended to threaten everyone, but the virus backfired and spread like wildfire, killing everyone.
    Billy and Bob were shocked at what they heard. They continued searching for people, most days unable to find any. However, they found out in one of the experiments that the virus gave off radiation. Using this, they were able to track down many more survivors. There was once they stepped into a dark room and heard some noises. They gasped — there was a whole family! They had miraculously survived!

    Now, they had to come up with a cure before these survivors died. Otherwise, there would be no hope! They first got a sample of the solidified virus. They put it in a petri dish. Then, Billy, being his clumsy self, knocked over a tube of carbon into it, and the solidified virus disintegrated almost instantly! The cells would die if exposed to too much carbon! That was it! They developed a medicine that contained nearly a hundred percent carbon and cured the survivors. They had managed to find a cure! Sitting back, Billy and Bob gave a sigh of relief. They had miraculously saved the world.