Sunday, 28 February 2016

Muhammad Faqih Akmal 17 AA

         In an era a few billion years from now, the technology is so advanced that flying cars, humanoid robots and metallic roads are one the most common sights. Buildings are so tall above the clouds and at the same time deep down in the underground. Humans then will not run along the streets, not even walking because there will be self-driving seats.

          There are headquarters that lies all the masters of science. They could answer anything and even every question that was asked of them. Although all are masters, there are two heads of the world known as James and Alex. They are ready to help anyone's problems.

          While reading an article about the sun, Alex realised that the death of the sun is nearing. Both were in a state of panic. The sun would explode in 45 years. James then speak in through a nano microphone in his collar which will be broadcast around the world. He said calmly,” I have an important message to tell you.” he sighed and continued,” The sun that we see all day. The sun that gives us light, as well as warmth, will come to an end. In 45 years time, it will explode and the explosion might engulf the whole earth and melt us alive. I need your help to suggest a plan to save the earth. Thank you.”

           One by one suggestion come and every one of them was read and experimented but none seemed to be working. Alex was scratching his head with an annoyed face as this is a problem that he cannot solve. He asked the masters but to no avail. Then, he approached James,” James, did u have an idea?” James nodded and that gesture rise Alex’s curiosity,” How? Please tell me,”

          James explained to everyone that if a massive spacecraft comes close to earth with an angel, the spacecraft will be pulled by the earth, not too close to crash into the earth but to propel it even further into space. The earth will move towards the spacecraft by a bit thus moving it. This is called gravity assist. The spacecraft after propulsion would be sent back to earth and do the same thing. To increase productivity, James will send 1000 gigantic auto-driven spacecraft. Alex is so intrigued because the idea was ingenious. James sent. Everyone in the world hopes the plan works.

          44 years later, the earth is orbiting a dwarf star. It is slightly smaller that the sun but it did not make much of a difference. The whole world knew that they are saved from the sun. Humans cheered and celebrated. They were relieved for the fact that humanities will still continue. All of a sudden, a loud bang is heard from the sky. People were shocked but then, they realised a fist-sized star was exploding within their eyesight. It was such a magnificent scene. They knew without James; the human will be extinct.

          Everyone gave James a round of applause as glitters and rays of colourful lights were everywhere. Alex gives him a word of appreciation. This event will be in the history of mankind. All humans especially James and Alex shout harmoniously,” Humanities shall forever be in this universe!”

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