Friday, 26 February 2016

Is there life on Mars? By Roshan

We have heard news of expeditions on whether there is life on Mars.
There was recent news that a university went to National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA)to study on Mars and found that there was liquid water coming from the ground. They used a high-powered telescope to retrieve this information.
Two NASA's astronauts were chosen to represent them in the journey to check whether there was life on Mars. They were put through vigorous training to overcome the gravity and other stuff in space. The two people's names were John Carrick and Chloe Pansino. John had curly hair and was very tall. She was very short with short hair. Both of them were supposed to fly the rocket as if only one person is driving it might be dangerous, and the rocket might get into some accident. John and Chloe went for their flight training and officially passed with flying colours.
The day of the rocket taking off comes, as well as the big
Expedition whether humans can live on Mars. They went into the rocket with pride. People who were surrounding the place were cheering once they saw John and Chloe walk out from the elevator and on the platform to the spaceship. People were paying respect to them. The journey to Mars begins here. John and Chloe both fire up the throttle of the rocket and were about to take off. The people outside were counting down and once it was one the rocket lifted off and flew at the speed of around 72000km/h. The NASA mission control was controlling the rocket until it reached the atmosphere. They had packed so much food that one of the extra carriages were holding only the food. To reach Mars, it takes around ten months to reach its closest point. They were out of the atmosphere and had to control the rocket by themselves. They had the auto-pilot mode where they could let the computer programme itself to reach the destination. NASA was always 24/7 intact with their two astronauts.

Ten months later, both Chloe and John reached Mars. NASA was seeing the whole thing and once the rocket landed, they all shouted: "Hooray the ship landed!" They landed the rocket on the red floor and started the rover's engine. They took a while to start the motor up as it was getting started after ten months. The rover started and both of them got on. One thing they did not realise was that the rocket was low on fuel. They returned after the search and came back to the rocket. When they took off, it stated little fuel.They released some carriages and it still indicated low fuel. They had no choice but to release the food carriage. They released it and somehow the fuel level increased.

They reached the Earth's atmosphere after ten months NASA took control and the rocket ship landed in the North Pacific Ocean. Both of them rushed out swam to the shore and reached NASA's place. They revealed that there was life on Mars but still not fully suitable for a man to live on.  Next NASA might send other astronauts to live there for a while to see whether there is more life on Mars.

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