Thursday, 25 February 2016

Creative Writing 3[Alya]

              When I was a child, I well remember the time when I received my first device, the iPad. I was thrilled on the night I received the cool device.However, I was only allowed to play with the device the next day. I came back from school with a sense of excitement and hurried to my mum's room to grab it. But, there was a little, evil human using it already. My baby sister. My mum told me gently that I had to share it with her. Annoyed, I sat beside her. I wanted to watch my own show but she was watching a boring “ABC” song.

             Due to my poor anger management, I pushed her off my mum’s bed. She fell with a loud thud and my mum came in screaming her head off. She shrieked at me commanding me to go into my room.

            I told her ok and grabbed the iPad and scurried to my room but my mum was too quick. She snatched the iPad out of my arms as I passed her. I whined and stomped my feet and ran into my room punching my pillow with fury. I stared at the ceiling with tears in my eyes. I fell into a dose as my anger slowly faded into sleepiness.

           I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt a slight push on my right arm. I woke up and tried to see past the darkness but my eyes could not adjust my eyes could not quick enough and gave up when a reassuring arm laid on my leg. I slept uneasily afraid that the lovely spell could be broken.

         The next morning, when i recalled what happened, I was puzzled and curious. But being young and afraid, I did not say anything and I still do not know who laid that arm on me that night.

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