Thursday, 25 February 2016

Creative writing task 3

Creative writing task 3 by Reiner

      When I was young,I well remembered trying to be an adult by drinking beer.I would open the fridge and take out a bottle of beer and pour it on the glass.When my mom saw that,she would drag me to the bedroom.Although I tried to resist,she still managed to drag me there.
        In the room,I changed as slow as possible while caculating the hours till I could wake up.My face turn pale."15 hours!"The room was filled with the light from the sun and I felt that the sun was teasing me.The sound of cars and motorcycles filled the air.Slowly but surely,I fell into a deep sleep.
       When I woke up,its was already pitch dark to the point where you cannot see five metres in front of you.I felt a hand touch me.It was rough and felt familiar.It was a silihoutte.I felt comforted and went back to sleep within minutes.
             The second time I woke up,birds were chirping cheerfully in the branches.Till this day,this mysterious figure had no resemblance to anyone in my mind.

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