Tuesday, 23 February 2016

creative writing task 3_faqih akmal


When I was a child, I well remembered the most embarrassing moment. I was in a pond beside my neighbor's house, staring at the golden koi fish. It was huge, and it was swimming near the surface. I thought that it was hungry, but I did not know what fish likes to eat. I started to throw piles of rocks, grass and leaves into the pond while cheering along the dugout.

“ Mom, don't lock me in my room!” I dared to shriek because of how reluctant I was. I made a fist and punched as hard as my small muscles could. I hope my mother let me out but to no avail. I slid down the wall feeling tired. I closed my eyes and snored.

I woke up in the dark and looked around. I bulged my eyes trying to scan my dimly-lit room. All I could see was a huge figure standing in front of me. I backed myself to the edge of the room and hugged my knees, quivering. I did not dare to look up.

I opened my mouth widely only to realise that the sun shone brightly on my face. I was glad that I could get out of my room and continued doing what I love to do.

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