Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Nandanaa Raju_Creative Writing Task 3

Nandanaa Raju(6)

Creative Writing Task 3

  When I was a child, I well remember; it was middle of the day. My father had gone to work. My mother was fast asleep, tired from doing the house chores. I crawled to the kitchen, totally bored. I was very hungry, I opened the drawers, barely able to stand up with my baby soft legs and developing backbone. I reached into the drawer which was higher than me I could feel a plastic package. I took it out but I was not able to put it on the floor. I lose control. 'BOM!' The packet of floor smashed onto the floor. The packet tore and all the flour spilled onto the floor. I made a mess! My mother came running to the kitchen upon hearing the loud sound she instructed me to go to bed even after me begging to her.

  I slowly undressed,  killing time. I dreaded and regretted the action I did. It is so cruel of my mother to keep an active young child like me to go to bed as early as 1.30pm!

  I woke up! Dark! It was pitch dark! I was barely able to see anything, but I could feel it was a woman. She touched me, but I did not know with what. It was ticklish and warm. Soon I dozed off.

  The next morning, I woke up. I could remember every single thing that happened to me last night. But I did not know who or what it was. Till today, it has remained as a mystery.

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