Saturday, 27 February 2016

Science Fiction-Gravity


“Welcome to the news on five, 27 December 1032571. Have you noticed the recent increase in temperature? In fact, if you exited your personal transporter, your temperature sensor would beep a warning. Scientists doing research have discovered that increased weight on Venus and Mercury have increased their gravity, pulling Earth towards them and the Sun. This is due to Newton’s law of universal gravity — the more the mass of an object, the more the gravity. So, what are we to do? Well, the president of the International Space Agency said that they are planning to send shuttles to push Earth away from the Sun. Also, we need the help of all scientists in related fields.
“Off,” Percy, a short, intelligent, scaredy-cat, commanded, turning off the holographic television. “Inbox,” he continued. “You are required to go on the trip to save Earth. Please get the insurance needed. Legal action will be taken against those who opt out.” Reading the horrifying email, his pimply face turned white, and his heart sank to his feet. His fear of death begged him not to go, but deep in his heart, he knew that he had to. For the sake of the world, as he knew it.
After the draining 4-month space camp filled with medical tests, low gravity training and fitness training, the day of the takeoff loomed.
“5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Takeoff!” the announcer blared deafeningly. Experienced astronauts and scientist alike gripped their plush seats until their knuckles turned white as the, though modern, rattling shuttle took off. Percy breathed the metallic air in short gasps, and when the soft, furry seat belts were released, flailing limbs filled the spacious, zero gravity shuttle. 
When Percy floated near a familiar face, he let out a cry of surprise. “Jack! You're here!” Percy and Jack were best friends, and Percy felt relieved to have both an experienced astronaut and a good friend in one person. 
As they blasted away from Earth to gain run-up, Percy chatted happily with Jack, a tall, muscular person, glad to destress. But as they caught up on each other’s life, Percy noticed, out of the corner of his eye, that Venus was too close for comfort. As the metal-covered planet grew larger rapidly, Percy was speechless. The dehumidifiers for his gloves were working at full power. “Fuel leakage,” the computer announced. Everyone looked at one another in dismay. Who would go out to fix it? No one dared to volunteer lest they lost their lives in the process. 
Deciding to face his fear of death, Percy said shakily, “I’ll do it.”
“No need for that!” someone suddenly croaked, “Just use Newton’s third law which states that there is always an opposite force for every force applied. Once a fuel capsule is empty, release it. Doing so will propel the ship in the opposite direction.” All the shuttles’ computer carried out the instructions immediately. As thousands of rockets zoomed towards Earth, metal claws extended out to push Earth.
The force of 350 shuttles pushed Earth successfully. After successfully completing the 10-day mission, the team could finally return home. Landing, they were greeted by a deafening roar from a crowd. Percy, having faced his fear and saved the world, let out a loud cheer himself, relieved.
Gabriel Yap (10)

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