Saturday, 27 February 2016

Yew Chin Siang-The Mutation

Clemmy was rushing to the vet, sprinting like a cheetah chasing a gazelle.She was a famous

Scientist, an expert in genetics, who achieved multiple awards.Clemmy held the pregnant rabbit

close to her, making sure not to drop it.When she arrived, the vet immediately attended to her

rabbit, as if knowing the rabbit was pregnant.

 Two hours later, Clemmy was welcomed with a surprise when the vet walked out with two

adorable baby rabbits.Clemmy grinned like Chesire Cat, lapping a bowl of milk.Adrenaline

coursed through Clemmy’s veins and she thanked the vet before skipping home, elated, with

the rabbits.

 Clemmy had already prepared the cages in advance, and she put them in carefully.She then

took great care of them for about two months, monitoring them every day, making sure they

were healthy and hygienic..When the rabbits could start eating vegetables, Clemmy fed the

three rabbits each a carrot.After five minutes, one of the rabbits already finished eating the

carrot while the others were still nibbling on it.Clemmy ignored it as she thought it was just


 After another two months, the rabbit which wolfed down the carrot was almost twice the size of

the other young.Clemmy grew a little suspicious, so she grabbed a syringe and took a blood

sample from it.Just as she turned her head around, the rabbit grew to the size of an elephant

and roared.The second Clemmy saw it, she was so startled she almost screamed like a

banshee.Like an Olympic gold medalist, she made a dash for her laboratory.

 Clemmy then instantly started researching.An hour later, she came out with an antidote and

also, a flask containing a modified version of the mutation blood sample.She found out that the

mutated rabbit's DNA was damaged by some unknown virus, causing an alteration of the

nucleotide sequence of the genome of the rabbit.In layman’s terms, it means that the rabbits

cells failed to copy DNA from the rabbit’s mother.

So she took the blood sample and added certain chemicals that could eliminate the virus and

added a few enhancing chemicals so that when injected, the rabbit would be tamed and not


 She went to the other rabbit.She asked the rabbit as if it could understand her:”You’re gonna

help me ok?Let’s get your sibling back!”

 She poured the liquid over it and it grew rapidly, destroying the cage instantly.Clemmy then

guided it towards town, where the mutated sibling should be wrecking.

 Clemmy almost fainted when she saw the town's condition. Chaos and pandemonium

struck.People were running around like headless chickens as the mutated rabbit decimated the

city.Clemmy then commanded her newly mutated rabbit, and the two rabbits roared at each

other before they started ‘wrestling'.


 Before things got any worse, Clemmy flung the flask with all her strength and it splashed onto

both rabbits.They then started shrinking before becoming the innocent rabbits they used to

be.The antidote was designed to make the rabbits immune to other such genetic viruses, so

Clemmy heaved a sigh of relief.

  Although Clemmy had to pay for the damages, she still believed that she had been lucky as no

one got killed and her rabbits are safe and sound.

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