Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sci-Fi story [Alya]

         Class: S104
         Tittle: The "Invasion" (checked)

          Screams of agony filled the air as mysterious figures crumbled to the ground of the City Hall. Alec’s light blue eyes could not endure what lay before him. He pulled up his hoodie as he jumped out of the shadows into the sun, covered - Alec was allergic to sunlight. He dashed to the commander.

           "Stop, please! You know the reason why they are here! They are not here for war like this!" Alec screamed over the chaos.

           In response to Alec, the Commander lifted his right hand up and there was silence. So sudden and eerie that it made the hair on Alec’s neck stand. He turned to look at the City Hall. It used to be a peaceful and beautiful place with bullets and ultraviolet protection (UV) protection, it was a huge hall, made for those like Alec who had sun allergy. Now it was a mess with bullets and blood.

            Alec sighed as the Commander ordered his men to stop attacking and allowed the aliens to stay. In the first place, the Commander started this war. Before anyone knew about the aliens, there were disappearances of belongings of people and weeks later, someone say a mysterious figure lurking near a cool surface, recorded it and it spread like wildfire. The scientists then discovered that Jace’s species of aliens were made out of water vapour and could only be seen when they touch a cooler surface. Moreover, during the war, to Alec’s surprise, the Commander created a weapon that is so cold that when it touch the aliens, they condensed and received the impact of the bullet.

         The reason the aliens came here was to gather resources so that they could improve the situation on Pluto - where they came from. Alec was relieved as the war passed faster than expected. But, something told him that it could not be this easy and the end is yet to come. He was not wrong.

          After a few weeks, the humans gained trust from the aliens. And today, there was a huge gathering involving all aliens. The aliens were told not to wear their protective gear that protects them from the sun. Alec found it fishy but due to the strong trust built between them and the commander, they listened.

          “It’s going according to plan, get ready,” the commander whispered.

           As he started his speech, the Commander’s crew got ready. In the midst of the speech, shrieking filled the air as Alec turned as white as a sheet of paper while feeling a burn on his skin. He did not realize that the roof of the hall was open. His eyes widened as he realized the Commander’s plan. Aliens were allergic to sunlight too! They rushed for shelter as Alec raced to the switch which moves the roof back to place.

         “On time,” he murmured as he glanced around; however, to his dismay, the aliens skin reaction was faster than his and all of them had crumbled to the ground in ashes. Laughter filled the hall as Alec walked away. He never thought this would happen. He lost a great friend.

         Defeated, he put his head in his hands and started sobbing. He did not bring peace between humans and aliens, he allowed the commander to win, right under his nose.

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