Friday, 26 February 2016

Eng AA_The accidental journey to Mars_Rae Kuan

Name : Rae
Class : S1-04

    For a long time, everyone were discussing if a spacecraft which could take human beings from the Earth to another planet would exist, in year 2028, one would.

     Sarah’s father was bringing her to a hangar, his workplace. When they reached, Sarah wandered off who was fascinated by the spacecraft. Climbing in, she looked at it’s incredible mechanisms.

         “Everything ready? Spacecraft ready to take off.” An announcement was made.

    Sarah was busy checking out the spacecraft that she did not hear the announcement.
     “Taking off. 3,2,1..”

     “There was something wrong earlier so i could not see the inside. There is a girl in there! Stop!”

     “My daughter, Sarah!” Her father exclaimed.

      However, it was already several hundred metres off the ground.

     “What’s happening?”  Sarah thought.
     “Can you contact Sarah?”
     “Sarah did not switch the radio on.”

   Sarah was in the spacecraft for a while, still soaring up, kilometres from the ground. Sarah knew something was wrong.

   “Anyone?” Sarah burst out, sweat dripping from her forehead.

   Soon, she could only see clouds. Sarah started feeling nauseous and soon fell asleep.  A night passed. After Sarah woke up, she found herself in space. She could find some liquid food, which she ate.

  A week passed. Then a month. Then almost 6 months.Every day was a nightmare.

 She suddenly saw some light.

  The place looked weird, it was anywhere but Earth. It had a yellow sky, without living things, and the whole area looked very dry. All there was was a land with aliens. When it landed, she walked out, petrified. The aliens looked at her, then started discussing in an alien language. Shaken, Sarah slowly walked.

   The aliens had a plan. The aliens tried to grab her. Before she could react, she was placed in a machine. The aliens were about to inject a substance, with a some others in their hands. Sarah had watched movies about aliens before, and suddenly struck to her that they might be using her as an experiment, a lot of chemicals were poisonous. Experimenting on her could kill her!

  She got up, trying to pour the chemicals away, and kicked the aliens. She ran, she hid… All this running and hiding had lasted for about 2 days , Sarah had no energy. It was then when she found something familiar. The spacecraft! Hope!

 No longer could she think, without second thoughts, she boarded it, pressed a few buttons and it took off.
  She randomly turned left. She was in space, without Mars in sight. She was weak, little food was left, and knew that going back to Earth was nearly impossible.About a month passed. Light was seen, she recognised the planet, Earth! Her cheeks flushed and she tried to make the spacecraft stop.

 The best thing was that she landed somewhere she was familiar with, her country, she was soon back at the hangar.

   “Sarah? You’re back!” everyone cheered.

    Everyone was so relieved knowing that Sarah had survived and she immediately gave her father a big hug.
    Sarah told everyone about her encounter and how she realised travelling to Mars could take just about a month. She was really lucky that she took this route otherwise she would probably have died.

  Though Sarah is the first human to travel to Mars, everything was still a nightmare.

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