Friday, 26 February 2016


Name: Lucas Tan
Class: S1-04
3 Feb 2016
The Extinction (Final Draft)

    The year 2100. It was already 60 years into the future. The streets were all filled with litter and rubbish. Some cars were dented, others burnt. There were visible signs of a rampage. How long had they been hiding? What had happened? With the cloudless sky a dark shade of grey, it was as if they were in a barren wasteland. Billy and Bob looked around for any life, but to no avail. Billy was the bigger of the two, stronger but clumsy. Bob was weak but smarter than anyone else.

    They wondered how all human life had already been wiped out. It seemed nearly impossible that the virus was so powerful. Staring blankly into space, they sighed. They had been hiding in that bomb shelter for 30 years, and they had missed out on so much. They soon came to the realisation that it was most likely that except them, the human race had been wiped out.

    They found an article that was dated February 13, 2050. It talked about many people dying, and that the virus was unnatural, released by someone unknown. Billy and Bob were aware of the virus but were uncertain about the details. They decided to investigate who had caused the havoc.

    They decided to start looking into a nearby apartment. When Bob entered, he jumped. The whole room was filled with dirty skeletons. The smell hit them, and they both felt like throwing up. Eyeing them cautiously, Bob crept over to them. There seemed to be some gooey filth on it. It was green and slimy, sickening to the touch. They speculated that that was a solid form of the virus, but they still brought it for examination. After doing many tests, they concluded that it was indeed the virus. It was extremely contagious, because the cells multiplied even faster than cancer cells, and was a superbug. Therefore, it could not be cured by antibiotics.

    They decided to continue searching and eventually found a news article. In summary, it explained that Doctor Lee was the criminal who sent out the virus. He wanted to have control over the world. He intended to threaten everyone, but the virus backfired and spread like wildfire, killing everyone.
    Billy and Bob were shocked at what they heard. They continued searching for people, most days unable to find any. However, they found out in one of the experiments that the virus gave off radiation. Using this, they were able to track down many more survivors. There was once they stepped into a dark room and heard some noises. They gasped — there was a whole family! They had miraculously survived!

    Now, they had to come up with a cure before these survivors died. Otherwise, there would be no hope! They first got a sample of the solidified virus. They put it in a petri dish. Then, Billy, being his clumsy self, knocked over a tube of carbon into it, and the solidified virus disintegrated almost instantly! The cells would die if exposed to too much carbon! That was it! They developed a medicine that contained nearly a hundred percent carbon and cured the survivors. They had managed to find a cure! Sitting back, Billy and Bob gave a sigh of relief. They had miraculously saved the world.


  1. Viruses are not cells (Last paragraph 4th line)

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