Saturday, 27 February 2016

Goh Cheng Yang_11_English AA science fiction short story____The Mutant

Goh Cheng Yang
Alternative Assessment Science fiction
The Mutant (Final)

    It was the year 2022. Jordan, a tall, handsome, fit, smart, single, young man, was rushed to the hospital. He had developed cancerous cells and was in stage 5. Too bad Science had not developed a cure for cancer, unlike we predicted so eight years ago.

    “It’s too late,” The doctor shook his head, “He’s not going to survive.”
    Upon hearing this, his parents, wrinkled and a foot in the grave, usually cheerful like him, bawled. Jordan had never seen his parents like that. Tears and mucus spilled out of their eyes and noses, and they held on to Jordan’s hands, pleading with God for mercy.

    A month later, Jordan was up and about, as if the incident had never happened. He survived cancer. The familiar smell of antiseptic was finally relieved from his nose! The selfish doctors refused to give him treatment as they were convinced he was not going to survive and did not want to waste money on treatment. However, they were wrong - Jordan survived cancer - without treatment! The once weak and pale Jordan transformed into a ball of energy once again! No one had survived cancer without treatment, until that day. The doctors were baffled, but no one was willing to research on how Jordan survived. Probably because Jordan killed two scientists without a clue as to how - he did not murder them. However, both scientists were careless - they were inadequately dressed in properly sanitized attire, and no one noticed that fact. Other scientists didn't find out how they died.

    One month... two months... three months, passed. Half the city was dying. They had been infected - by the now infamous cancer ‘virus’. Pathologists conducted a series of autopsies on the dead victims of cancer ‘virus’. Then, they did research on Jordan. They knew he had a part in this. One test after another, Jordan was experimented on. Needles prodded him, drawing blood out, scans were conducted, heartbeat sensors were attached and tubes protruded out of him. Jordan was hurt over and over again, but after all, who caused this? Finally, the test results were put together. Jordan had been carrying the cancer cells, which almost killed him (but he survived by a mutation in which his body became immune to cancer) and had been ‘spreading’ it unknowingly. The cells mutated, too, becoming virus-like. With just a slight touch, it can ‘spread’, infecting others.

    The outbreak had to be stopped before it becomes a full-fledged epidemic. The government isolated the state from the rest of the country. Dead people were disposed of properly so as to avoid spreading the cancer cells again. Soon after, fortunately, a cure was found - Jordan’s DNA. Since Jordan 'mutated' to survive the cells, By injecting the mutated DNA into patients, they can live. This cure was used for common cancer too, and it was a type of vaccine to stop cancer from developing. That cure could last for at least a decade.

    Even though Jordan caused this, it could have happened to any other person in another part of the world. Thankfully Jordan, now a hero too, mutated - if the incident happened to someone else, he might not have mutated, causing a worldwide epidemic.The cure saved the state, country, or maybe even the world.

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