Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Creative Writing Task 3_ Chloe Wong

Creative Writing Task 3

When I was a child, I well remember playing with my little ball I always kicked and threw around. However, there was this one time, when there was a little accident. I had become too engrossed in my own little game. With a tiny kick, the ball flew across the living room and knocked down a photo frame which was neatly placed on the counter. My parents were furious and immediately yelled at me to go to my room. I broke into tears and cried out in protest, refusing to go into my room.However, my parents forced me into my room anyway. I was furious at my parents. I very slowly took one step at a time towards my bed, trying to waste as much time as possible. The room that I shared with my sister was small, pink with little princess decorations around the room. I sighed with sadness, and I slowly sank to sleep. When I woke, the room was pitch dark. Being terrified of the dark, I stayed still with fear. My hands felt something furry and soft. That made my pounding heart settle down and relax. Slowly and slowly again, I drifted back to sleep.The next morning, I wondered about my mystery guest last night. I wondered who or what that was which sat through with me in my scariest and darkest night. I might never know.

Name: Chloe Wong
Class: S1-04
Register Number: 2

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