Friday, 26 February 2016

The pest problem by Reiner

Jane, Tim and John were listening to a heated debate on an issue in a

parliament which was the ‘best’ debate in the book of Guinness world record.In

the heat of the argument, they went back to a memory that was very hard to be

erased from the mind.

The alleyway laid before them.It was a little narrow, just wide enough for a

Trio to walk through.It smell of rotting meat and there were the sights of a

cockroach land.“Urgh, this is so smelly!I feel like vomiting!And there are so many

cockroaches!” exclaimed Jane as she held her breath.She was walking with her

colleagues, Tim and John, to work.They love to do science work, especially

biology.They were on the way to work.John then suggested that they should kill

the cockroaches.Why not?After all, it was a significant issue which was

discussed in parliament many times before, and they had nothing to lose.And so

the trio begins on the project.

Well, easier said than done.They needed the resources and money to find

a way to kill them.Also, the poison that kills them should not be able to be

adaptable by the cockroaches.They had to find a way to get their ‘target’.The

only advantage was that they had only Tim, also known as the guy with a big

brain.In a few months, the cockroaches were all dead.The president announced

that three mysterious persons did the town a great service.But little did they know

that a disaster was coming.A few months later, small animals like ants were seen

looking for cockroach land and were dying.Gradually, it moved on the frogs and

grasshoppers and finally, the animals which people depend on for a livelihood,

were dying.The situation was grave.The president called for several meeting.The

news spoke about them for days, weeks, months!John was very sorry about the

whole thing.He suggested,”How about breeding them?”Jane replied

hotly,”Hey!You want to breed cockroaches?!The last time, you killed them

all!Now you want to breed them!I bet that the situation will go out of hand!”

Gradually, they began to argue.Tim stopped them.”Follow his idea.I will help to

regulate their breeding.”Jane nodded, not very convinced.

They begin to find the solution.Tim had to find a dead cockroach while

John helped with carrying the technical stuff.As for Jane, let just say she was a

couch potato.The extr.action of the deoxyribonucleic acid was the most tedious

thing to do in science, to say the least.They had to spin the blood to separate it

into the different components.They also had to find a perfect one to pair with

it.However the odds, they finally to breed two of them.

The president happened to pass by.He took a photo and personally sent them an

email to them to come to the city hall.He took a medal of honour, presented it to

them and he gave them an exclusive job to work in the government.Jane, Tim

and John were given a lesson that they learnt: never think that a pest is bad.

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